How to Age Healthy

How to Age Healthy

Almost every physical and even psychological problem we can potentially experience as we age has a cause, and if we can eliminate the cause, we can almost always prevent the problem from every happening. What few people realize is that most diseases that affect people as they age are mostly preventable!
Many fear the thought of growing old! Following is the testimony of a 70-year-old lady who tells of her fears of growing old and how a simple diet change removed her fears, and restored her health...
As I look back to prior to my adopting the Hallelujah Diet on December 4, 2006, my physical body was deteriorating rapidly. I loved the Lord, and I knew He loved me, but He had allowed me to go on a path of self-destruction for such a time as this – so that I could, at the age of 70, share with others my age that it is never too late to improve their physical body and quality of life. “Because of my poor choices in nutrition, not only did I have a weight problem, which I had experienced the better part of my life, I also suffered greatly with acid reflux, indigestion, chest pains and heartburn. But as bad as those problems were, my problems of greatest concern were that I was experiencing brain fog and forgetfulness, confusion, frustration, and some depression, topped off with a great loss of energy. “I was coming to the conclusion that I was just plain old and worn out and headed for dementia or Alzheimer’s, or a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or for sure osteoporosis, because that’s the message you hear and read about from the media, that you can expect, as you age. “On December 4, 2006 I was looking for some papers for my husband Jim. They were very important papers and I had carefully put them somewhere so that they would not get lost. But I could not find them, and it was a very scary situation, because it was a situation that was happening far too often. "I looked and looked and prayed and prayed and became so upset because the papers were very important and I didn’t want to be so out of control. When I finally found the papers I was so frustrated that I sat down, laid my head on the table, and wept, and asked the Lord to help me. “That same day, I was in a store and saw on the shelf Rev. Malkmus’ book, ‘The Hallelujah Diet.’ My first thought was that there was no way I was going to buy another diet book because I had tried almost all of them with only marginal success, always resulting in my “gaining back the lost weight plus some more. But I felt strongly impressed to buy the book, which I did. I then read the book. It was radical, but simple, and so Jim and I decided to give the Hallelujah Diet plan a try. Well, that was December 4, 2006 and the results have been astounding! “Since making the diet change, Jim and I have experienced a tremendous increase in energy level and we feel so good. My brain fog has cleared. My retention is much improved. My confusion, frustration, and depression are GONE! "And praise the Lord, when my goal and purpose became my overall health rather than just losing weight, losing weight became a delightful plus and I have lost over 30 pounds. I feel like a new person and I thank the Lord so much, because it is only through Him leading me to that book by Rev. Malkmus, that all these improvements in my health and mental abilities have been helped. “I want to add that my husband has also had wonderful results following the Hallelujah Diet. He had been a person with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, lack of energy, irregularity, overweight, and sleep apnea. "Now his blood pressure is lower, his blood sugar is in normal range, he has greatly increased energy, and he has lost 30 pounds. But the best part is that his sleep apnea is gone! We are so thankful! “There are many nutritional programs available to people today, but we chose to go with the Hallelujah Diet because Brother George Malkmus is the founder of Hallelujah Acres. His love for Jesus Christ is evident in all that he does, not only in his writings, but also as manifested in his love and compassion for people. “My passion and my reason for coming to Health Minister training are because I am older and know what making a change in diet and lifestyle can do for an older person’s health and mental abilities, because I have personally experienced the benefits of a changed diet. With Health Minister Training I will be better equipped to tell older people that they too can experience improved health and quality of life no matter what their age.”

How To Age Healthy

Having just celebrated my 80th birthday with a healthy body and sound mind (and attending a Sunday School class with other senior citizens who are constantly going to doctors, taking drugs, and ending up in the hospital or dying), I have been thinking a lot about why people’s health declines so dramatically as they age and what can be done to reverse this trend.


One of the most important things in understanding how to age healthy is the importance of prevention. The Bible says in Proverbs 26:2: “The curse causeless shall not come.” In other words, the curse of sickness will not come without a cause! Almost every physical and even psychological problem we can potentially experience as we age has a cause, and if we can eliminate the cause, we can almost always prevent the problem from every happening. What few people realize is that most diseases that affect people as they age are mostly preventable! Most people can prevent physical or psychological problems from ever happening by simply changing their diet and lifestyle rather than accepting standard treatments that can exacerbate the problem or at best minimize symptoms. There is a lot of talk about genetics these days but genetics plays a relatively minor role in the diseases we are most concerned about. And even when genetics are involved, we now know that these negative genetic expressions can be strongly influenced by good nutrition. And nutrition is something each of us has almost total control over. By doing something as simple as eliminating the cause by changing our diet, we can take control and raise the probabilities of wellness dramatically. Why we get sick or why we don’t get well after physical or psychological problems manifest will no longer a mystery.

Are Checkups Necessary?

Little do most people realize that many of the problems they are experiencing come from the very institutions recognized as authorities in treating our diseases or we look to for keeping us well – the health care industry! Doctors are trained to look for problems and often find problems that don’t even exist. One prominent nutritionally oriented medical doctor calls the health care industry the "sickness industry." He continues: “These authorities, motivated by greed, have herded a trusting populace along a devious path for decades. They will not change, but we can change..." What others have experienced when they took control of their own health and did something as simple as change their diet and lifestyle can be very motivating. We have thousands of testimonies in 48 different categories that will show what others have experienced following a simple diet and lifestyle change. I acknowledge that there are some physical problems such as accidents, overwhelming infections, serious genetic defects and congenital neurological abnormalities that are difficult to control, but except for these, in most instances, you can have tremendous control over your health as you enter your senior years or advance through those years.

Primary Causes of Our Physical Problems

As we age, there are a number of factors causing our decline. Below are some of the major ones, with numbers 1 and 3 being the primary ones:
  1. Improper Diet and Lifestyle
  2. Chemical Toxins
  3. Pharmaceuticals (there are hundreds that can cause disease, especially in combinations. These drugs, along with medical errors, are the leading cause of death in America.)
  4. X-rays and other Radiation
  5. Supplements: Inadequate vitamin D, iodine, omega 3 oils, B12 and many other essential nutrients
Most diseases start many years before symptoms appear, especially in the case of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases. Rarely does a disease just suddenly happen. We must be aware that many of these problems took a long time to develop to the point that we became aware of them by a symptom. Most of the doctors we go to are conscientious people and are honestly seeking to improve our health. But they are seriously handicapped by their training in medical school where they have been taught that for every symptom there is a drug — and that nutrition has nothing to do with the physical problems the patient is experiencing. Drugs used in treating seniors have many potential dangers or side-effects as revealed in the Physicians Desk Reference Manual. If you don’t have access to a copy of this book, you can Google the name of the drug and then “adverse effects” or “potential dangers” to learn a lot more about the drug the doctor has prescribed. Some of these drugs, when properly administered can be useful in the treatment of some diseases, but every effort should be made to avoid pharmaceuticals and to limit dosage and duration of use as every drug is a poison to the body.

How A Person Can Prevent Problems As They Arise

1. Adopt A Plant-Based Diet Since the majority of physical breakdown experienced as we age is caused by improper diet and lifestyle, the very first step in preventing this breakdown is to get on a healthy diet just as early in life as possible. How fortunate are those who are brought up in a home where mother served a plant-based diet from birth. Those who are so fortunate to have been raised on a vegan diet and have continued that diet throughout life and into their senior years, rarely experience the physical breakdowns that are so prevalent in our Standard American Diet-eating population. Even those who switch to a plant-based diet in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s can usually escape the usual senior citizen physical and psychological breakdowns. But what about those who have reached senior citizen status and the physical and psychological problems have already begun to manifest? I have some good news for you: Even if old age breakdowns have already begun to manifest, a change in diet can usually stop further breakdowns and restore the body to wellness. If you haven’t already done so, please go back to the beginning of this article and read or re-read the testimony of a woman who didn’t switch to a plant-based diet until she was in her senior years and the tremendous improvements she has experienced. Here’s how she ended her testimony:
“I am older and know what making a change in diet and lifestyle can do for an older person’s health and mental abilities, because I have personally experienced the benefits of a changed diet.”
2. Get Active Along with a healthy diet, it is imperative that we become active in both physical and mental activities. I remember well my uncle that retired at age 65 fairly healthy, but after retirement stopped almost all physical and mental activity and he was dead within a year of retirement. Physical activity is a must! It doesn’t have to be hard workouts at a gym, but at the least, it should involve daily walking at a fast pace for at least a half-hour each day along with some stretching and resistance exercises. If you don’t use your muscles you will lose your muscles. Keeping bones strong also requires weight bearing activities. You can keep your muscles toned and bones strong, and even get a terrific workout in just 10-minutes a day on the Fit-10 exercise equipment. Both Rhonda and I work out on the Fit-10 each day, and it plays in important role in keeping our bodies in good physical condition. Along with a healthy diet and physical activity, it is important we exercise the mind. Daily Bible reading and possibly a good Bible study or nutrition course will force you to use your mind. Hallelujah Acres has an excellent, FREE 12-lesson course on nutrition called Biblical Nutrition 101. 3. Drink Lots of Purified Water Many of the problems senior citizens experience is due to dehydration. One should drink at least a half ounce of liquid for every pound of body weight each day (vegetable juices and other liquids count toward that amount). I personally drink over two quarts of distilled water each day. I add a teaspoon of HydroBoost to each gallon of distilled water to alkalize and re-mineralize the distilled water.

Now It's Up To You

Up to this point in this article I have shared what I have known to be correct and have practiced for almost 40 years. And for the past over 20 years, Rhonda, (my wife) has also followed this knowledge. And the results have been spectacular for us both! Rhonda adopted the diet 23 years ago at the age of 46. At the time, she converted to a 100% plant-based diet and started exercising because she was in terrible physical shape, suffering with debilitating arthritis and was severely overweight. Within a year of the diet change she had lost 85 pounds and all symptoms of arthritis were gone and are still gone as she approaches age 70. I personally made the diet change in 1976 at the age of 42 after being told I had colon cancer. Within a year of the diet change, without the use of any medical modalities, my cancer was gone and has remained gone. When I look at others, some many years younger than I and see all the physical problems they are experiencing, I thank God for allowing me to have cancer almost 40 years ago so that I would learn the value of a plant-based diet. I trust what I have shared will at least stimulate you to do further study into the powerful impact a changed diet and lifestyle can have upon your body no matter your present age. A good starting place can be found here.

Closing Thoughts

How is it that most people who adopt the Hallelujah Diet are able to see such miraculous improvements in their health, improved mental clarity, recovery from even terminal illnesses, and even the rebuilding of body parts? Because the Hallelujah Diet is patterned after God’s original Genesis 1:29 diet! This diet is the very diet God the Creator gave to that original couple Adam and Eve! It contains ALL the nutrients necessary to produce health — especially when concentrated in vegetable juices and made more available by blending. The Standard American Diet that is consumed by most people today does NOT contain the essential nutrients the body requires in order to achieve these spectacular results! You can clearly see the truth of what I have shared above when you compare the healing results obtained by the medical community — using their most advanced modalities of drugs, radiation, and surgery — on a person consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD), compared with the results people obtain from these same physical breakdowns when they turn to nutritional excellence (the Hallelujah Diet), and without the use of any medical modalities. Tens of thousands of people have written to tell me that after they adopted the Hallelujah Diet, they have recovered from over 170 different physical and psychological problems. Most of these people report that they had been on the Standard American Diet for years, all the while being treated with various medical modalities, and yet their physical problems DID NOT go away... UNTIL they changed their diet! After changing their diet, and without any drugs or any other medical modalities, their physical problems simply disappeared! They simply stopped putting into their body the toxic substances found in the Standard American Diet, and started providing the body with the essential nutrients their body needed in order to restore wholeness and wellness.
How much longer is it going to take for the world, and especially the Christian community, to realize that God placed in the plants all the nutrients the body has need of? Indeed, Go's "garden foods" contain all a person needs to experience the ultimate health God designed for you to have — whether you want to prevent sickness or restore health! Next week, the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high we will return with another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip. Trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.

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