What Rev. Malkmus Has Eaten For 38 Years

What Rev. Malkmus Has Eaten For 38 Years

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Rev. Malkmus at age 80 (May 2014), and on the Hallelujah Diet since 1976.

For nearly 40 years I have been on what we now call the Hallelujah Diet. I went on this diet at the age of 42 after being told I had colon cancer in 1976; it was on this diet, with the abundant use of vegetable juices, that I recovered from that cancer. I have remained on this Hallelujah Diet for almost 40 years and it has rewarded me with excellent health. I have not experienced a cold or the flu even one time although I haven’t had a flu shot once during all those years. As a result of this diet, along with daily physical exercise, I have reached the age of 80 with a body that is still muscular, strong and healthy and a mind that is still sound. Below is an overview of a day on the Hallelujah Diet, the 100% plant-based diet I have been on for almost half of my life.

Breakfast On The Hallelujah Diet

At this meal, the Hallelujah Diet breaks from traditional teachings, which tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let’s consider this teaching for a few moments.

Most people sleep 7 or 8 hours. During that time, the body has been cleansing, repairing, rebuilding, recharging, and preparing itself for the next day’s activities.

As we arise, the first thing the body usually wants to do is eliminate the collected toxins and debris it has been accumulating through the sleeping hours (i.e. go to the bathroom). This cleansing and eliminating will continue for some time after arising IF the body is given opportunity to do so.

If a person, soon after arising, consumes a meal of bacon and eggs, pancakes and sausage, cereal and milk, toast and coffee, grits and whatever, cleansing and eliminating slows while the body diverts its energies to trying to process this horrible introduction into it.

Some will say that we need this big breakfast in order to obtain energy for the day, but the listed items are not real food. Besides, they must first be digested before any energy is available from them and many of the listed items will take till almost noon to digest. Also, in order to digest these items, it takes from the body lots of energy.

So, on the Hallelujah Diet, we give the body opportunity to continue the cleansing and detoxifying immediately upon arising by not consuming any food that requires processing or digesting.

However, on the Hallelujah Diet, we do provide the body with nourishment first thing in the morning in the form of a dehydrated barley/alfalfa powder, BarleyMax. Because BarleyMax Original contains no fiber that requires digestion, this allows cleansing and eliminating to continue, while at the same time being nourished.

Our research reveals that BarleyMax is quite possibly the most nutritionally dense food available to us today. It is also the very first nutrition Rhonda and I consume each and every morning immediately upon arising. Simply place a teaspoon of BarleyMax in 4 ounces of distilled water and mix with a battery-powered hand held mixer or in a shaker cup. This is all Rhonda and I consume first thing upon arising and it provides us with incredible energy to start the day. It can also be taken dry and allowed to dissolve in the mouth.

Green Smoothie

About a half hour to an hour after the BarleyMax it is time for breakfast, the first meal of the day. Green smoothies require very little digestion because they are blended and are very nutritionally dense, satisfying, and sustaining.

Green smoothies are made in a powerful blender (we make ours in a Vitamix blender) that breaks open the cell structure to release much more nutrients than chewing. To make ours we start with 8 ounces of distilled water. Then add half a frozen banana, a couple chunks of frozen pineapple and a quarter cup frozen blueberries.

Then we add a teaspoon of Finest Pure Fish Oil (for Omega 3’s, DHA and EPA), along with a handful of fresh spinach, kale or collards, and blend.

The chlorophyll found in the greens is so very important in building strong blood and the greens are loaded with nutrients, especially minerals like calcium that are so needed by the body.

Mid-Morning Snack

Rather than coffee and donuts, the Hallelujah Diet recommends an 8 oz glass of vegetable juice. This juice offers the body an incredibly nutritious drink that provides the body with not only nutrition, but also lasting energy. This is not a store-bought juice but freshly made in a juicer or brought from home in a cooler.

Traditional mid-morning coffee and donuts give the body quick stimulation, but soon has the opposite effect, producing lack of energy and hunger. Consuming these items, create a yo-yo effect within the body of highs and then lows.

In order to try and maintain the highs, many people continue consuming coffee and often other sugar products throughout the morning. Then in the afternoon, they consume sugar-laden sodas, usually containing caffeine, and often candy, in an effort to maintain their highs through the afternoon hours.

Juices don’t give that yo-yo effect.

Lunch on the Hallelujah Diet

A serving of BarleyMax precedes lunch. Then, either a big, raw vegetable salad or all the raw fruit you wish! Many people prefer a 300-calorie Survival Bar for lunch. Survival Bars are comprised of all raw, concentrated nutrients; The Original Survival Bar also contains BarleyMax, CarrotJuiceMax, and BeetMax.

Most people are on the go at lunchtime, and so on the Hallelujah Diet, lunch is a very simple meal to prepare and eat. (Especially when I am on the road, BarleyMax and a Hallelujah Diet Survival Bar are often my lunch!)

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Instead of a candy bar and/or soda, on the Hallelujah Diet another 8 oz glass of vegetable juice can be consumed, or half a Hallelujah Acres Survival Bar, or a piece of fruit. This provides the body with not only good nutrition, but also sustained energy.

The traditional soda and/or candy bar, while giving almost instant energy, soon become an energy drain, producing the exact opposite of what the person is looking for.

Dinner on The Hallelujah Diet

For most families, suppertime is the only meal of the day the entire family can sit down together and without pressures enjoy a leisurely meal together. Thus it is the biggest meal of the day on the Hallelujah Diet.

Some teach that supper should be the smallest meal of the day, because we shouldn’t go to bed with undigested food in the stomach. But dinner on the Hallelujah Diet consists of foods that quickly digest, and are long digested before bedtime.

Supper begins with BarleyMax, followed by a large vegetable salad (Rhonda and I blend our vegetable salads for more accessible nutrients), which is followed by the only cooked food of the day – a baked sweet potato, baked squash, steamed vegetables, brown rice, whole grain pasta, beans or warm soups in the winter time.

This cooked portion provides for a huge variety of recipes to be used, and it is amazing how delicious these cooked vegan dishes can be, certainly as tasty as any Standard American Diet (SAD) meal I ever ate. Cooked food following the large salad is extremely important, as it provides concentrated carbohydrates and calories, which in turn provide the body with energy, and in turn assures sufficient protein intake. It also keeps thin people from getting too thin.

The approximate ratio of foods consumed on the Hallelujah Diet is 85% raw to 15% cooked. Multitudes have made this diet change that we teach here at Hallelujah Acres, and experienced normalization of weight, as well as the elimination of almost all their physical and psychological problems and they don’t get sick anymore.


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