Too Late For The Hallelujah Diet?

Too Late For The Hallelujah Diet?

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Even if a cancer is advanced and radiation has been administered, some people still are able to be helped by refusing chemotherapy with a change in diet and lifestyle. Below is a wonderful testimony of how a man with advanced cancer, through a changed diet and lifestyle, helped fulfill his dream: “My husband discovered the Hallelujah Diet too late. By the time he learned of the diet he already had very advanced, metastasized, prostate cancer. "He had never allowed the doctors to give him any chemotherapy, but did have several series of very, very strong radiation, mostly for pain control, because every vertebra and most ribs had become affected. Just before adopting the Hallelujah Diet, they found that the cancer had advanced to his lungs and he had lost 40 pounds. "Upon discovering the Hallelujah Diet, he went cold turkey on the diet the very next day. His weight stabilized almost immediately, and he began to feel better. He was on the diet for 10 months with no cheating. On the diet his life improved tremendously, and he was able to do a little yard work and get lots of fresh air and sunshine. He even was able to continue as head usher in our church, with 18 people to train, and regularly schedule. “He was able to continue ushering until just 6 weeks before he went home to be with Jesus. Most people did not have any idea how sick he was, because he looked so good and was so cheerful and active. But there was not a dry eye on either side of the church when he walked our daughter down the aisle on her wedding day with a huge smile of victory on his face just 10 days before he died. "During the entire ordeal he was never a patient in the hospital. He died at home with his loved ones at his side, and he had his BarleyMax and some blueberries for breakfast just 2 hours before he left for the arms of Jesus. His mind was perfectly clear until the very end. “He believed in the Hallelujah Diet so much, he gave out many of Dr. Malkmus’ books, and constantly loaned out Dr. Malkmus’ God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar DVD. "Because of Herb’s wonderful experience on the Hallelujah Diet, I have now become a Health Minister and named my ministry after my husband, ‘Herb’s Garden Ministry.’ I have already done classes in our church, and desire so much to help others learn how to avoid devastating cancer like my husband experienced, by teaching them how to eat God’s Way. “It has been many years since I adopted the Hallelujah Diet, but within the first 2 weeks of making the diet change, the arthritis in my knees had improved greatly, and then continued to improve until I had full and painless mobility. My energy level skyrocketed. Body odor disappeared. Also, the pain I formerly experienced after exercising disappeared. Migraine headaches disappeared, and I no longer feared the sun triggering another headache, and I don’t even have need for sunglasses when I drive anymore. My eyesight was improved on my first regular check up, and on the next checkup, my eyes had improves so much I had to get a weaker prescription. In addition, in the first five months after adopting the Hallelujah Diet I lost 40 pounds, going from 172 pounds to 132 pounds, and kept it off. Emotionally I have been helped, even through the trauma of losing my husband. “I am now 66 years old, but people are surprised when I tell them that, because I now look 10 to 15 years younger than when I began the Hallelujah Diet. Thank you Dr. Malkmus so much for sharing the health message. Because of the Hallelujah Diet, my husband was able to extend his days, live his last days at home with his family, and was able to live long enough to realize the desire of his heart, which was to walk our daughter down the aisle.” ~ Mary Ann G., Cream Ridge, New Jersey

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