How Smoking Impacts Menopause

How Smoking Impacts Menopause

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Are you a smoker and you are trying to find the motivation to quit? It can be hard to break a bad habit, especially if you have been smoking for a long time. There are many findings that show the negative impact that smoking has on your overall health, and new information has been uncovered which shows that smoking might actually impact the symptoms of menopause.

Smoking and the Signs of Menopause

Information published by the University of Pennsylvania has brought new evidence to light that smokers might experience earlier signs of menopause. In previous research studies, it was found that smoking could speed up menopause and cause a woman to experience symptoms as much as nine years earlier. The evidence suggests that women of different races might experience different results for the onset of menopause if they smoke. The findings show that Caucasian women are especially at a risk for early menopause because of smoking, but it can also impact women of all races. Other research studies have suggested that smoking increases the frequency and intensity of hot flashes during menopause. If you are thinking about quitting the habit, then right now might be the perfect time to stop smoking so that you can alleviate some of the discomfort associated with severe and frequent hot flashes. Sometimes, these hot flashes can be enough motivation to make it easier for you to kick the habit. Other habits that might impact the symptoms of hot flashes include obesity and alcohol consumption.

Symptoms of Early Menopause

There are many other lifestyle choices that can also impact the early onset of menopause symptoms, and you should consider your daily choices to see how they will change your hormones. If you experience early menopause, you will notice the main signs of menopause popping up at a younger age. These symptoms might include hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, and many other health concerns. It is important for every woman to take a proactive approach with their healthcare, in order to avoid the lifestyle factors that can cause their hormones to be imbalanced. For example, you should eat healthy, get regular exercise, and also use high quality supplements, such as the supplements that are available here on Luminology. A combination of these healthy habits can make a big difference to your overall wellness, and help you minimize the symptoms of menopause. You don’t have to suffer with the symptoms of menopause, because there are many ways that you can reduce these symptoms and improve your overall health at the same time!

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