The Cancer Craze

The Cancer Craze

Where does a person go to learn the latest information on non-invasive cancer therapies? We just returned home from a great weekend in San Diego. Although there was very little time to take in the sights or walk along the beach, we did get to experience valuable learning while we attended the Integrated Health International Cancer Conference. A well-designed experience for anyone who is treating people with cancer as well as someone in the battle themselves, this conference was comprised of numerous subject matter experts, powerful testimonials and even the scientists who have designed new ways and means that might promote less pain, fewer side effects and maybe even, assist the body in its endeavor to recover. The speakers were quite varied but all had much to say about the progress that is being made in the alternative realms. It was refreshing to learn that much time and resources are still being spent not on the newest drugs, genetic expression, or cell identification, but on other beneficial topics such as enzymes, antioxidants, hydrogen therapy, inflammation reduction and much more. To hear a presentation on the importance of humor while fighting cancer may never make it on Dr. Oz, but the message was clear that the mind is a powerful influence in the recovery process and humor can be a weapon that is greater than you think. Hydrogen will be an important topic and gain popularity over the next few years. If what this scientist purports to be true, you will see hydrogen therapy used more and more to support the body in healing from disease. It is already being used by the medical community in situations of body trauma. He confirmed what Dr. Donaldson and the Hallelujah Diet discovered; that its not the alkalinity of the water but the hydrogen these machines generate that is producing the results many see from the alkaline water machine. We also had a booth at the conference and shared our Unravel the Mystery: A Simple and Effective Approach to Beating Cancer and recipe books. What a fantastic way to help and meet fascinating people! From several health ministers who trained under us years ago, to one who recently completed our online course, the people we met were all wonderful! Then, of course, there were those who were searching for answers and solutions to their physical situation. It was painfully obvious in their eyes as they searched the booths for the answer to their illness that this country might not have what they are looking for. Some of our takeaways from this conference?
  1. It continues to be difficult for small companies and alternative approaches to compete with pharmaceutical dollars and gain mainstream attention.
  2. Regulations are still quite rigid even for the likes of some of these highly probable and effective opportunities. Companies and doctors utilizing alternative approaches must to be so careful to not make any claims as the AMA and regulating authorities are quick to seize the opportunity to bankrupt them and put them out of business.
  3. The Germans, Russians and Japanese have a better handle on many technologies that can be of great value in the identification and fight against all diseases. Our country is woefully behind in this probably because many of our resources are still tied up in the idea that there is a miracle pill somewhere and we must be the first to create it.
  4. Many of the people who presented and were displaying their products had a sincere desire to help those who are sick. It was neat to see the passion and compassion in their eyes and expressions.
  5. Diet is front and center of any cancer prevention and recovery protocol. The importance of eliminating the toxins and supercharging the body with nutrients remains paramount and the other integrative therapies are complements to diet and lifestyle. This is something that the Hallelujah Diet has taught from the beginning.
What was our greatest takeaway? God created a miraculous self-healing body. There are many significant factors that contribute to overall healing. Whether they are emotional, physical or environmental toxins, there are numerous safe, effective options beyond the three most touted in this country (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) that have been proven time and again to be more effective, safe and have long term results for an improved quality and quantity of life. We continue to lift up in prayer all those who are in the battle not only with this disease, but also those who are battling the traditional institutions (AMA, pharmaceutical) clouded with profit driven agendas that continue to confuse those who are most vulnerable and prevent those with non-invasive solutions to reach the masses with alternative solutions.

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