The Life-Saving, Money-Saving Wonders of A Proper Diet

The Life-Saving, Money-Saving Wonders of A Proper Diet

Jack's story is amazing! His blood sugar dropped 300 points in just two weeks — and he estimates The Hallelujah Diet could have saved him $100,000 in medical expenses!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the many letters you continue to send me on a daily basis! Thank you especially for those letters containing testimonies of how The Hallelujah Diet has helped you improve your health or the health of a loved one.
Hello George, I have the highest respect and appreciation for your mission. I am grateful and thank to God for your passion to help others achieve health. I heard you tell your story of how you improved your health 12 years ago and the information you shared that day saved my life. Three years prior to hearing your message my health was deteriorating significantly. I was getting tired; turning orange, my periods had stopped, and my hair was turning gray and falling out. My feet were cracked and bleeding, I was gaining weight, losing my vision and was so weak I couldn’t even wash my own hair (my husband had to wash it for me). My health was so bad I had to take medical leave from the job I loved and I just lay around all day, thinking rest would help. But I only got worse. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me yet I had to have two emergency surgeries to save my sight. The last time I went to the doctor in an effort to find out what was wrong with me, he wrote a prescription for Prozac. That is when I gave up on allopathic medicine. Shortly after my last visit to a doctor, you came to town and gave your ‘How to Eliminate Sickness’ seminar in a local church. After attending your seminar I went home and got rid of everything not in The Hallelujah Diet, bought a juicer, and started to read the books you recommended. On the Hallelujah Diet I lost 28 pounds in 6 weeks, within six months had improved greatly, and within a year all my problems were gone. Janet C.
Brother Malkmus, your health message has saved my life! After two weeks in the hospital, four surgeries in 10 days, and the amputation of my little toe due to an infection caused by elevated blood sugar, I learned about The Hallelujah Diet. After adopting The Hallelujah Diet my blood sugar dropped 300 points in just two weeks, my blood pressure became normal, and my lung problem simple went away. If I had only made the diet and lifestyle changes you proclaim before going the medical route I could have saved over $100,000 for surgery, drugs, and hospital expenses, and probably would still have my little toe. Jack Y.
Hello sir! What a wonderful being you are! I have read your book titled The Hallelujah Diet and have really been blessed by its content. I live in Nigeria and want to become one of your Health Ministers here in Nigeria, Africa who will be able to teach people the principles and power of natural healing found in The Hallelujah Diet. I will need your knowledge and backup of facts to enable me to convince the people about what to eat, remembering a saying which says that ‘you are what you eat.’ I am an under graduate student of microbiology and would like to hear from you. May you and Rhonda have a blessed day! Akinduro V., Nigeria, Africa
I just turned 40 and my OBGYN wants me to begin getting mammograms yearly. I am not at risk, and am concerned about the radiation I will be subjected to during these visits. What is your opinion on routine check-ups that involve radiation exposure during a mammogram? Wouldn’t that increase my risk of breast cancer? Just curious and would appreciate your opinion. Emile J.
EDITOR RESPONDS: Emile, the radiation exposure found in mammograms has the potential of inducing cancer. Thermography is a much safer option. For more information, you can do an internet search on the topic and learn of facilities that offer such a service in your area.

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