How to Deal With Cardiovascular Problems Naturally

How to Deal With Cardiovascular Problems Naturally

Drugs don't deal with the cause of heart problems. In many cases, they can add even more problems! Is there another solution? Rev. Malkmus shares the answer.
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In last week’s Health Tip we shared how extremely toxic, dangerous, and expensive today's medical drugs are when used to subdue the symptoms of disease. In this Health Tip we will begin taking a look at some of the alternatives to these toxic, dangerous and expensive drugs. These alternatives (in most instances) work far better, are less expensive, are not invasive — and to top it all off — are non-toxic. In this Health Tip we will take a look at one of the diseases people are being diagnosed with today and what drugs or procedures are being offered in the treatment of this disease. Then we look at the natural alternatives God has made available for the treating of this disease. Cardiovascular Problems Let’s say you go to a doctor for what is often referred to as an” annual check-up” and the doctor finds your blood pressure is elevated. What does the doctor say and what does the doctor want you to do about it?
Does the doctor say... “Mr. Jones, this high blood pressure can be very dangerous to your health and has the potential of producing some very serious problems if not lowered! Let’s see if we can’t find the cause of this high blood pressure – because if we can find the cause and eliminate that cause, we can lower these numbers naturally.” Or rather does the doctor say... “Mr. Jones, your blood pressure is dangerously high! Here is a prescription for a drug that will hopefully lower your high blood pressure. I want you to have this prescription filled and taken as prescribed, and let’s make an appointment for a return visit in three months to see if your numbers are any lower.”
If you have been reading these Hallelujah Health Tips for very long, you have learned that this editor believes and teaches that every physical problem being experienced today has a cause! In fact the Bible tells us in Proverbs 26:2: “So the curse causeless shall not come.” With regard to high blood pressure, there is a cause. And it’s not in the genes. It's in the diet! Sadly, most medical doctors (trained in medical schools subsidized by the drug industry) have not been trained to seek out the cause of a physical problem. Doctors have been trained that for every symptom there is a drug they can prescribe to subdue the symptom. This approach is extremely profitable to the drug industry, but these toxic drugs have the potential of producing new health problems and serious side effects within the body of the person being prescribed that drug. Drugs and Their Side Effects Following are some of the drugs being prescribed today for high blood pressure: Beta Blockers: Work to reduce blood pressure by blocking the effects of epinephrine on the heart. This causes the heart to slow down and makes the heart pump with less force, which reduces the force of the blood against the walls of the arteries. Potential side effects: dizziness, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, loss of sexual desire, depression, and more. ACE Inhibitors: Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors reduce blood pressure by preventing angioterain-I from being converted into angiotensin-II. This relaxes blood vessels and reduces workload of the heart. Potential side effects: dry cough, headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, fainting, jaundice, fever, vomiting, swelling, and more. Diuretics: Excess fluid in the body can put pressure on the walls of the arteries, which causes an increase in blood pressure. Diuretics flush excess fluid and sodium from the body into the urine relieving pressure. Potential side effects: skin rash, increased cholesterol and/or blood sugar levels, gout, breast enlargement, impotence, and more. What If Drugs Fail? Anyone who has done the slightest research on the subject knows that the primary cause of high blood pressure is the fat found in the flesh and dairy of animal source foods – fat that has built up on the arterial walls, hindering the blood flow, causing the heart to have to pump harder to push the blood through these narrowed arteries. If the cause of high blood pressure is the fat found in animal source foods narrowing the passage way of the blood, what makes more sense in dealing with the problem? (1) Take a toxic drug that can have adverse side effects and potentially create new physical problems? OR (2) Simply stop placing fat-laden animal flesh and dairy into the body? If a person experiencing high blood pressure believes in the drug's ability to correct the problem, they are sadly mistaken. Even if the blood pressure medication lowers their blood pressure, if they continue consuming fat-laden animal flesh and dairy, there is even greater potential dangers lurking ahead. You see, lowering the blood pressure with a drug does not correct present nor prevent future cardiovascular problems. If fat-laden animal foods continue to be consumed, build up of fat on the arterial walls will continue and the doctor has no means of detecting this build up, no matter how healthy he says you or your heart are. This continuing fat build up will increase the narrowing of the passage ways for the blood, and the next thing your doctor will tell you is that the blood flow in some part of your cardiovascular system is so severely restricted by this fat build-up, surgery is required. And the patient will hear words similar to these coming from their doctor: “Mr. Jones we need to rush you into surgery and place a stent in that blockage to prop open the artery clogged with fat to allow the blood to flow more freely.” And if the fat-laden animal source foods continue to be consumed, the doctor might say: “Mr. Jones, we need to rush you into surgery because your artery is totally blocked. We need to do a by-pass.” Don't forget what God had to say about this medical approach to physical problems 2,000 years ago! If you compare medical results 2,000 year ago with the results the medical community is achieving today, you will find that virtually no improvement has been made! This is the fact despite centuries of research and vast amounts of money spent.
“And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, and had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.” (Mark 5:25-26)
After a quadruple by-pass in 2004, former president Bill Clinton learned in 2010 that these by-passed arteries were clogging up with fat. Rather than having further by-pass surgeries, he did some research. As a result, he opted for a diet free of fat-laden animal source foods. In effect, former president Bill Clinton became a vegan. How To Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs The solution to high blood pressure or clogged arteries is not the taking of dangerous, toxic and expensive drugs nor stents to prop open clogged arteries, nor by-passes to by-pass clogged arteries. The solution is to eliminate the CAUSE of high blood pressure – the fat-laden animal flesh and dairy foods in the diet. Thousands of people who had experienced high blood pressure prior to adopting the animal fat-free, 100% plant-based Hallelujah Diet report that, after changing their diet and beginning an exercise program, their high blood pressure normalized... and they no longer have any need for their high blood pressure medication. These same people also found that once they stopped placing animal fat into their body, the self-healing God programmed into their body was activated — this self-healing mechanism, without any outside assistance, began the process of removing the accumulated fat from the artery walls. I will close by sharing just a few of the testimonies people have sent to me regarding their experience going the medical/drug route with their cardiovascular problems and what they experienced after eliminating the cause and adopting The Hallelujah Diet:
I just wanted to tell you what a blessing Hallelujah Acres has been to me and my health. Your diet and lifestyle has taken away my high blood pressure, arthritis and hay fever. How sad it is that more people do not know about Hallelujah Acres or have an understanding of the dangers of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the currently controlled government health care system. My father was a medical doctor who lived to be 86 years of age. In all the years he practiced I never saw him take any medications. He prescribed them but didn't take them. Eating the SAD and then going to the doctor to get well is not the solution to the health problems of the people of this country - but eating and living the Hallelujah Way is! Rev. Malkmus, keep on keeping on! You have a wonderful ministry! Mel R.
Rev. Malkmus, My husband had four by-passes and was placed on medication for high blood pressure and diabetes. My husband started The Hallelujah Recovery Diet. He also began walking 30 minutes each day. Just four months after making the diet change, my husband's blood pressure was in normal range (115/77) without medication. My husband and I always lift you and Hallelujah Acres up to our Lord and we thank you so very much for your ministry. Linsa L.
“On The Hallelujah Diet I have personally lost 100 pounds. Prior to the diet change I had heart problems, palpitations, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe back pain and lived on a muscle relaxer, severe monthly cycles, fatigue, racing heartbeat, swollen limbs, had trouble walking up stairs, had roller coaster emotions, low self-esteem, and the weirdest was a lump under my skin in the groin area. All of these symptoms have disappeared since going on The Hallelujah Diet! Anon
Conclusion The only way to remove symptoms permanently is to remove the CAUSE of the symptom, and start nourishing the body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild its immune system and the cell structure of the body. Neither the medical establishment nor any drug is capable of restoring health. Only the body itself is capable of such endeavors. Once the cause has been removed and the immune system rebuilt with good nutrition, the body’s self-healing mechanism (placed there by God) kicks in and the body literally heals itself in most instances, of whatever the physical problem is. HALLELUJAH! Next week, the good Lord willing, we will explore non-toxic alternatives to the drugs, radiation and surgery offered to persons dealing with cancer. I trust you will join us for another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip.

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