The All-Inclusive Gourmet Getaway

The All-Inclusive Gourmet Getaway

Christian Or Not, The Hallelujah Diet Works! Reading The All-Inclusive Gourmet Getaway 1 minute Next Fancy Food Made Simple
Did you know that you can make aged, fermented cheese without dairy? Or that you can make traditional-looking, raw, vegan birthday cakes that are actually good for you? Hallelujah Acres' new Raw Gourmet Living week-long culinary class shows you how to master the finer points of living food cuisine! With an abundance of great food to eat all day (every day), plenty of space to relax and reflect, and spectacular, Blue Ridge Mountains sightseeing, Raw Gourmet Living is a round-the-clock gourmet experience! Here's a sneak peek at this incredible opportunity to unleash your inner chef...

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