Fancy Food Made Simple

Fancy Food Made Simple

Are you creatively challenged? Artistically inept? Fear not! You don't need a fine arts degree to create a fancy meal. After all "fancy" is in the mouth of the beholder. And it doesn't have to mean delicate, decorative foods that can come crashing down if the wind blows the wrong way. Fancy can mean "exotic" — and there are plenty of ways to impress guests with exotic raw foods when you're treating them to The Hallelujah Diet. Remember that, to you, chocolate pudding made with avocados, carob, and dates may seem elementary. But to them it's an exotic treat that's sheer genius! Try this: chill the pudding, dollop it onto a plate with a mint leaf on top, and drizzle the plate with a little BeetMax-dyed agave nectar (mix it in a mini-blender; it tastes like cotton candy). Voila! Instant gourmet with a bit of color for flair and everything! Better yet, try replacing the avocados with young Thai coconut meat. Then they'll start saying things like, "You should be a TV chef or something." Sometimes it's not even the ingredients that say "fancy." It can be something as simple as a garnish. The look of a rosemary sprig adds a bit of fireworks to a savory dish, and mint leaves add a fresh, nature-loving theme to almost anything. Even just a pretty plate can make all the difference. Go to your local second hand shop and look for intricately painted plates from places like Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Hallelujah Acres uses them all the time for recipe "beauty photos." There are lots of ways to make raw foods gourmet — and sometimes the simpler, the better. Still, if you're bored of the basics and want to take your culinary art to the next level, this new class is for you! Check it out! What's your favorite, simple "fancy" food? Comment below!

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