Test Reveals BarleyMax Beats Other Superfoods

Test Reveals BarleyMax Beats Other Superfoods

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Recently, I tested BarleyMax against some of the most well-known green superfood powders out there. We wanted him to determine if BarleyMax stood up to the other guys. We were shocked by what we found! We think you will be too.

Superfood Research Assesses Enzyme Activity

If you've ever tried The Hallelujah Diet, you know the amazing benefits of eating a diet that is mostly raw, living foods, that is foods with living enzymes. It is easy to tell if a food in its whole form is raw, but when you get it in a powder form, you have to trust the people selling the so-called "green superfood." If the company says its superfood powder is “Raw” then it must be. Right? Not so fast. We purchased 5 different green superfood powders from America's largest organic grocery chain. Some of these superfoods boast of being “raw,” so we tested them for enzyme activity to see if they really were.

Acid phosphatase was chosen as a marker enzyme because it is always found in abundance in raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds) and its activity is representative of other enzymes as well. When there is plenty of acid phosphatase detected, you can be certain that the other enzymes are present as well. But if the acid phosphatase is gone, or greatly diminished, then the rest of the enzymes have likewise been deactivated. For comparison we also used an expired container of BarleyMax. In fact, it had been expired since December 2012 (this test was performed in June 2013).

Why an old container? Well, it was handy and couldn’t be sold, but more importantly, enzyme activity in this old sample would reflect the worse case scenario for BarleyMax.

The closest competitor, which claims to be a raw food product, has only about 28% of the enzyme activity that you find in BarleyMax. A few of the products had less than 2% of the activity found in BarleyMax. Even before doing this specific test, we knew that most of the green superfood products on the market are heated during processing. Even freeze-drying, which sounds like a cold process, ends up producing a significant amount of heat, destroying all enzyme activity. All of the superfoods we tested, even the best ingredients commonly available, have virtually no enzyme activity left in them. Essentially, the only powder processor making superfoods that retain all of the nutrients and enzyme activity is our BarleyMax Original.

Test Your Green Superfood Supplements for Yourself

You can try our green superfood test at home:

  1. Mix up your green drink with water and let it sit.
  2. If the product has been heated, it will separate and much of the “green” will fall to the bottom and you will be staring at some brown liquid.
This is not the case with BarleyMax. It stays mixed and green. Because the structure of this green superfood powder has not been damaged by heat, when you add water to it, it acts just like fresh, unprocessed juice. So, when you are paying a premium for a superfood powder, consider the graph above. Do you want to buy some cooked, enzymatically dead vegetables, or a true, enzymatically alive green superfood?

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