"You're Not Taking My Prostate!"

"You're Not Taking My Prostate!"

Earlier this year, Robert's doctor recommended prostate removal — but it was no guarantee that the cancer would stop. Instead, he dusted off an old book on his shelf and began a miraculous discovery of self-healing! Here's what Robert was reading... and what he did to reverse his cancer!
“On March 14, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a PSA reading of 6.5. As the doctor was giving me the prognosis, he was also giving me my options. He recommended the removal of the prostate as soon as possible. But even after I had endured the surgery, he could not guarantee that I would be cured. But he did say that the operation should prolong my life for several years. In other words they thought the surgery would slow down the cancer growth, but there was no guarantee that the surgery would be a cure. After listening to the advice of many people, and much prayer, I chose a different way than surgery. Several years ago I had bought Rev. Malkmus’ book, God’s Way to Ultimate Health, but after reading the book, though there was much wisdom in the book, I didn’t think the diet was for me. After the cancer diagnosis, I read the book again and realized and understood that God created our bodies to heal themselves if we treat them as the temple of the Holy Spirit as the Word of God tells us we should. I began The Hallelujah Diet in early April. At the time I started the diet many people were praying for me and though there were a number of people who chastised me for not going with the surgery as the doctor had recommended, I felt completely at peace in my mind about what I was doing, and I knew I was on a walk with Jesus. Before I started The Hallelujah Diet, I had not felt well for years! But after adopting The Hallelujah Diet it wasn’t long before I had lost 25 pounds and felt better than I had in years. On June 5, I returned to my urologist for a follow-up appointment. I shared with him what I was doing, and he examined me and gave me an ultrasound. The test revealed that my left kidney was back to its normal size and my prostate, although still swollen, had become smaller, which means that the cancer was getting smaller. On June 13, the doctor informed me that my PSA reading, which had been 6.5 in April, had reduced to 1.0. He also informed me that the lymph nodes were no longer swollen and confirmed that the left kidney had returned to normal. I give the glory to God for this good report. I’m going back for another follow-up with my urologist in September. I went to my family doctor on July 16, for a check-up. Since my last visit my weight had dropped from 189 pounds in April to 160 in July, while my blood pressure had dropped from 140/90 in April to 108/70 three months later. Everyone in the doctor’s office was amazed. Also, my hair is growing back in the bald spot on the back of my head. Praise the Lord!” ~ Robert D.
“My wife Beth became ill in January 2012, was hospitalized, and we were told she had Lupus SLE, and it was attacking her lungs. On September 3, Beth was back in the hospital to have her lung and abdomen drained. She progressively got worse and was hospitalized again on December 23. At that time, one of the ER doctors did a CT scan of her abdomen and found what we were told was most assuredly ovarian cancer. She came home on Christmas Day at noon, looking like an Ethiopian poster child, losing weight, down to skin and bones, and the first week of January 2013, she caught the flu, and was hospitalized again. We were told that they had set her up with an oncology surgeon who was supposed to be the best around. He did robotic surgery and removed the tumor which he told us was not cancer but was Meig's syndrome, and he told us that all her problems would resolve themselves. He also found a blood clot and put a vena cava filter in, so it wouldn’t go to the heart. They took the filter out in late April. She progressively got worse and the abdomen was filling almost as fast as they could drain it. She had 28 out-patient procedures, 13 thoracenteses on the right lung, one on the left lung and a tube was inserted in it for a few days while in the hospital. Then 13 drainings of the abdomen. It was a nightmare! Around the first week of May, I got in touch with a knowledgeable dentist who removes old root canals, and he removed my wife's first root canal on June 28 and another the next Monday. For the next 4 weeks after we got home, she was in such bad shape that everyone who saw her thought she wasn’t going to make it. On the 29 day of July, she asked me to start juicing for her, like I have been doing for myself right along. One week later, she told me she was starting to feel better. We kept doing The Hallelujah Recovery Diet, and each day, she was steadily improving. This past Thursday made it 5 weeks since her abdomen was last drained and it’s started going down in size. We feel in addition to all the prayers we have been getting that the removal of the two root canals and The Hallelujah Recovery Diet is helping. She saw the internist and had blood work done again last Friday. He said all tests looked good, and he was amazed. When I wrote Rev. Malkmus about Beth’s problems he told us to pray for great wisdom — we did and we feel God has answered! The internist is planning on running tests for Lupus SLE again in two months, and for some reason, we feel it’s not even going to show up in her blood. We can hardly believe that teeth can cause all this. We have 6 seats reserved for Rev. Malkmus’ ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Richmond Hill, Georgia next week and we are promoting it to everyone we come in contact with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” ~ Paul B., Vidalia, Georgia
COMMENT: In our home church here in St. Augustine, Florida there is a lady, a senior citizen who has been suffering with all kinds of physical problems for over six months, along with being out of church most Sundays. At the same time she was having all these physical problems she was having all kinds of problems with her teeth, and they were going to do several partials. In talking to her, I told her that her teeth could be part of the cause of her physical problems and I suggested she have all her bad teeth, including root-canals removed. She took my advice, was in church this last Sunday, and thanked me – saying she was feeling better than she had in a long time. Sadly, many folks don’t realize how dangerous root canals can be because of the pockets of poison that accumulate in these root canals.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I live in Richmond Hill, Georgia which is where your September 7 seminar will be held. I’m so excited to have you come to our town, as Hallelujah Acres has played a big role in my journey with cancer using God’s methods. I look forward to meeting you in person. I am spreading the word of your upcoming seminar and hopefully the venue will not be big enough to contain all the people who will come.” ~ Naomi H., Richmond Hills, Georgia

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