New Research Validates A Biblical Diet

New Research Validates A Biblical Diet

Looks like somebody other than Hallelujah Acres is going back in time to find the diet best suited for the human body. Researchers at Children's Hospital Boston say that a modern, Western diet, which is "low in dietary fiber and fermentable substrate, and high in saturated and trans fatty acids" is mismatched with the unchanged, ancient microbial makeup of the human body's gut flora. Though the researchers mention evolution in their study, their findings maintain that the human genome "has changed relatively little since humans first appeared." Furthermore, they say that "therapeutic diets that mimic plant-based diets from the early phases of human evolution may result in drug-like cholesterol reductions." Translation? Modern research shows that God's original, plant-based diet of Genesis 1:29 (The Hallelujah Diet) is best matched to the human body's gut flora, which may trigger positive effects on the heart. Apparently proper gut flora modulates cholesterol levels — and proper gut flora cannot be achieved on a typical Western diet. Is it any wonder why there are so many people out there with elevated cholesterol levels? This is great news, but we had to laugh when we saw the phrase "drug-like cholesterol reductions." We think it should be the other way around: drugs mimic plant-based-diet-like cholesterol reductions. The good news is that this study confirms that it's never too late to change your diet and see a change in health as a result:
"consuming a therapeutic diet rich in plant foods, dietary fiber, and fermentable substrate would be a useful strategy for improving systemic health, possibly by altering the gut microbiota."
What's your opinion on this new research?

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