NEW! Hallelujah Acres Snack Bars

NEW! Hallelujah Acres Snack Bars

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If you loved Hallelujah Acres' previous snack bars — you're in for a delicious surprise! We kept all six of the original flavors (Blueberry, Pecan Pie, Mocha Coconut, Orange Cranberry, Maple Crunch, and Vanilla Spice), but went back to the drawing board to make them taste even better... and boy, did it work! In fact, we think our brand new Hallelujah Acres Snack Bars are the best-tasting, truly healthy snack bars on the market. Just one bite and we're sure you'll agree! Hallelujah Acres Snack Bars are naturally good-tasting, healthy snack bars with a chewy, crispy texture and an explosion of satisfying flavor — with no dairy, no wheat, and no GMOs. Best of all, they're perfect for The Hallelujah Diet because they're made with premium superfoods, gently processed to retain delicate, raw nutrients. It's not the easiest way to make a snack bar, but it's certainly the best way! The intensity and depth of flavor and nutrition from using properly grown, minimally processed whole foods is unmistakable.

Why Dairy-Free?

Milk products and whey protein are common ingredients in snack bars these days — so why do we refuse to follow the trend? Proteins from dairy are acid-forming. This means that, when you consume dairy, you force your body to leach calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid. We feel that weakening your bones is simply too high a price to pay for eating a snack bar!

Why Wheat-Free?

Over the last century, demand for wheat has created an unintentional increase in gluten content; some sources say today’s wheat has 10 times the gluten it did only 100 years ago. This has created a sharp rise in the number of people who suffer from gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity. Our view is that a healthy snack bar should promote health, not deteriorate it with unnecessary gluten.

Why Non-GMO?

Genetically modified organisms are the polar opposite of what an all-natural snack bar should contain. GMO foods are not natural. They can contain genetic code from species completely unrelated to each other. Currently, there is simply not enough research to determine whether these genetically modified foods have a negative effect on the body. With so many good, wholesome, natural foods to choose from, we simply saw no reason to include an unnatural science experiment in Hallelujah Acres Snack Bars.
Put simply, we want you to be healthy! That’s why we believe in providing the very best tasting, health-promoting snacks in the world — snack bars worthy to bear the Hallelujah Acres name. Click here to try them now!

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