Ignorance Is (Not) Bliss

Ignorance Is (Not) Bliss

The testimony section of each Health Tip is a place where I can share some of the letters I have received. These testimonies are always such an inspiration to me and I hope also to you. I read every one of them. If you have something to share regarding how your health has improved on the Hallelujah Diet I would sure appreciate your sharing it with me so that I can share it with all our Health Tip readers. Send your testimony by clicking here!
“Dear George, You are such an inspiration to all of us who follow the Hallelujah Diet. I read them regularly and would really miss them if you were to stop writing them. You are such a wonderful example of how healthy a person can be at age 80 because they have consumed a healthy diet and lived an active lifestyle. I too follow the Hallelujah Diet even though there are temptations to cheat all around me. I have found that the motivation for me to stick with the diet is how alive I feel when I eat the live foods and how listless and sick I feel when I eat mostly dead foods. So my focus is ‘JUST DO IT’! I made a list of things that have happened to me since starting on the Hallelujah Diet:
  • I have lost 57 pounds – dropped from 205 pounds to 148 pounds
  • I feel healthy and alive instead of sick and depressed
  • I have more energy and stamina
  • I heal quicker
  • I sleep better
  • I am calmer and have more peace
  • I don’t overeat
  • I have body warmth instead of always feeling cold
  • My house is more organized
I could go on, but I know you have heard all these good things happening to so many people after they changed their diet to the Hallelujah Diet. I just want to say thank you! And regarding your retiring, whatever you decide, just remember that George and Rhonda Malkmus will always be synonymous with the Hallelujah Diet.” ~ Lynn K.

Ignorance is Not Bliss

This past Tuesday evening, we held our Hallelujah Holiday Potluck at Turning Point at Calvary Church where Rhonda and I attend. There were about 60 people in attendance and we had some of the most tantalizing, tasty holiday treats imaginable. One of the highlights of the potluck was the testimonies from those on the Hallelujah Diet. One gentleman attending was a man in his late 60’s who nine months ago was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, and not given more than a short time to live. Well his wife, a nurse, learned about and put him on the Hallelujah Diet with lots of raw vegetable juices. At the potluck, in person, he gave his testimony of healing. Recent tests showed his cancer was almost completely gone. After the meal, good fellowship and a great video, as we were about to have prayer and leave for our homes, he came up to me and asked if he could say a word before we all left. Of course I gave him the ok and announced to all gathered that he would like to share something with everybody. What did he share? He shared that “ignorance isn't always bliss!” He shared that when he was first diagnosed with cancer he was ignorant as to how best to proceed with the treatment of his cancer, and if he hadn’t adopted the Hallelujah Diet, he would be dead rather enjoying the potluck. He shared that after his diagnosis, the knowledge the doctors had of treating his cancer with chemotherapy and radiation would have killed him. He said that was a fact that was proven when the doctors told him that he only had a short time to live following the doctors knowledge. He said that when it comes to our physical health, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS.

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