My Son Is Alive Because of The Hallelujah Diet!

My Son Is Alive Because of The Hallelujah Diet!

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I have been writing Health Tips for more than 15 years and have received many wonderful testimonies along the way. But this week, I received an extra special surprise... a testimony from a mother whose son's health was restored way back when I began writing these Health Tips — and he's still alive today because of the Hallelujah Diet!
“Good Morning George, While reading your latest Health Tip I realized that I have never shared with you the way you have touched our families lives, so I thought I’d share! Back in 1998, when you were only 65 years old and a young spry lad, my son was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s cancer. My son, Maxwell, was only 3-years old at the time of the diagnosis. After receiving this diagnosis, we heard about you and Hallelujah Acres from a friend and decided to attend your First-Saturday-of-the-month, ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Shelby. After the seminar I decided to follow your Hallelujah Diet as much as possible to give my baby the best chance of surviving his cancer. Maxwell had a very poor prognosis and the doctors at Duke actually laughed at my desire to fuel his body with good nutritious food to help him overcome his cancer. At several points through his protocol and cord-blood transplant, I was given the option to stop the meds and take him home to die, as they were so sure he wasn’t going to make it. I did not accept the doctors’ offer to take him home and let him die! Fortunately I never gave up and rather chose to keep fighting through it each step of the way. Well, it has been 15 years since I met you and my son is still with us today because of the information that you shared at that seminar in 1998. I not only believe that the Hallelujah Diet saved my son from the cancer the doctors said would kill him, but even more importantly, the diet saved my son from the adverse effects of the poisonous drugs that doctors had administer through his treatments for life-threatening cancer. He had a very aggressive form of cancer, Stage 4, so I chose to do both chemotherapy and the Hallelujah Diet. And my doctors were right when they told me that people usually don’t die from cancer itself, it’s the drugs they administer that ultimately causes their death. Consequently the doctors have asked me to bring Maxwell in yearly so they can watch his progress. Why do they want me to bring him in yearly? So they can watch his progress because they are so amazed at the fact that he survived a cancer that was supposed to kill him. Yet, even with their toxic treatments he has done so well. They say they want to learn everything they can so they can help other children survive – but they won’t accept the fact that diet was the major component in his survival. Max is now 18 years old and chosen not to continue with the yearly follow-ups. After going through such a terrible experience with those narrow minded doctors, my son has lost all respect for the medical community. My son is quite an amazing soul! Thank you George for sharing your passion at the seminar that day that brought hope to me and healing to my son. God is GOOD!” ~ Karen K.
Comments from Rev. Malkmus Until this past week, I did not know about the wonderful results shared above. This family had as a result of applying the information shared at a seminar seen their son’s life saved from a life-threatening cancer. I am so glad they wrote 15 years after the healing so that I could rejoice and share their experience with our Health Tip readers! But how many others have had wonderful results after making a simple diet change to the Hallelujah Diet and never have written to share those results? It is these testimonies that keep me going and cause readers to have hope that their health can be improved through a simple diet change also. If you have not already shared your testimony with me, click here to do so now!

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