How Hard Is It To Become a Mother?

How Hard Is It To Become a Mother?

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It may be harder than you think. As we are celebrating our mom’s this Mother’s Day, it’s important to remember all of the women who want to be a mom, but can’t. For them, this day is not a day of celebration. It’s a reminder that their bodies or their husband’s bodies cannot help with conceiving a baby. Look around at your family members and friends. It is getting easier to find a couple who tend to look away from the babies, don’t want to hold them and appear a bit distant and sad. The rate of infertility and inability to carry a baby full term in this country has never been higher. Contrary to what your health classes tried to teach you in high school, it isn’t that easy to get pregnant and it seems that it’s getting harder and harder. It appears that 35-40% of the problem lies in the women and 35-40% of the problem lies in the men. At least that’s what the science says. What may be happening however is the toxins in the environment, food, air, water, etc. may be influencing our fertility rates. Why do women suffer from irregular periods, pelvic inflammatory disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis and ovarian cysts? Why do men suffer from low sperm count, slow sperm mobility, and inferior sperm quality of movement? Could it be immune problems, weight issues, STD’s, adrenal health, hormone imbalance, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, inflammation, or other variables that are causing our bodies not to do what they are naturally created to do—conceive a baby?
  • Instead of handing out Viagra, perhaps we should be giving men a blood test to determine their vitamin D levels.
  • Instead of handing out steroids, perhaps we should be giving women a heavy metal test.
  • Instead of handing out hormones perhaps we should be giving both men and women a gluten sensitivity test.
What other factors are there that we should consider before we begin the invitrofertilization process (IVF) that can be expensive, painful and unsuccessful? It is a known fact that the more fat cells you have, the more toxins you can hold. If a person wants to be a part of conceiving a baby, they may want to consider losing weight so their bodies will cleanse from those toxins so that eggs, sperm and other important cells can go back to their regularly scheduled programs. Excess weight has been documented in both males and females as a detriment to conception. We specialize in helping people learn how to eat so their bodies can live. It’s not enough to give up donuts and deep-fried foods. Rather, people need to eat living, nutrient-rich foods daily that will support their bodies and keep them healthy. For over 22 years we have taught people that eating fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts is the key to ensuring that all the systems are functioning properly—including the baby making systems! We have many testimonies from couples that didn’t have the money for expensive surgeries or dangerous hormone replacements who were told to consider adoption as their only means of having children. They started the Hallelujah Diet and within a brief time emailed us of their exciting news that they were “expecting!” We call them “Hallelujah babies.” As we were testing the new Luminology products, we noted that the test participants in childbearing years became more fertile when they consumed Balance as it is a safe, natural way to balance hormones. In addition to a clean, healthy diet, this is a safe, effective approach for women as they attempt to conceive. balance-buy-today What if a person changed their dietary habits, addedin a little moderate exercise, supplemented discreetly and managed their stress? These essential life-changing ingredients could easily turn a national holiday from avoidance and mourning into a day filled with great joy and celebration.

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