"I Thumped Thyroid Disease!"

"I Thumped Thyroid Disease!"

At the beginning of each of my “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminars for the past 22 years, it has been the testimonies given by those in attendance of how their health has improved after they adopted the Hallelujah Diet that has inspired so many to give the Hallelujah Diet a try. Each week in this Health Tip testimonies are shared for the encouragement of those who subscribe. Here’s an exciting one:
“Hi Rev. Malkmus, I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for the past eight months. I went on it because I was experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism and my TSH was elevated. I always believed that diet was a key to health but never had any motivation to change until then. Anyway, after the first 60 days (I did the 60-Day Challenge with Paul and Ann) I felt great. ALL my symptoms were gone including others that I did not expect. Symptoms I had that disappeared within the 60 days included: energy after feelings of fatigue; ability to think clearly after experiencing a fuzzy brain; lost some weight; hair loss stopped; my Rosacea was completely cleared up and Mosaic warts on my feet that had been there for three or four years despite numerous dermatology treatments, are now gone. I have never felt so good. Also, my PMS disappeared, no more moodiness, no bloating, and no cramps at all. Thanks.” ~ Rebecca L.
In addition to the positive testimonies, I receive so many pleas for help. Here a few of those:
“George, I, along with my family need help. Before I take this wonderful discovery of the Hallelujah Diet to the rest of my family I want them to see how the Hallelujah Diet has transformed me first. I want to be a living testimony of health! George, please help me! My family needs help! My entire community is suffering from different diseases and I now realize that almost everyone is sick as a result of fueling their bodies with the wrong kinds of fuel (foods). George, they, we, all of us are ignorant of this, we never knew these truths you put forth in your Health Tips. I am just 27 years old and I know that my physical problems are the result of what I have been eating the past 27 years of my life. Oh my God! George, I need your help!” ~ Vera D.
“Hi Rev., My name is Flora and I live in South Africa. I have read your testimony and about eating the original diet that God gave to man after He had created him. Wow, I am so humbled because I was always asking myself what is the causes of so many of the dreadful diseases of our day. I have suffered with stomach ulcers for the past 7 years. I have tried many things to rid myself of this problem but nothing thus far has worked. Can the Hallelujah Diet heal the sores in my stomach?” ~ Flora, South Africa
Rev. Malkmus Responds: Foods have not the power to heal anyone of anything! The only thing that can heal our bodies of anything is the body itself when we supply the body with the building materials it so desperately needs so that the body can to do what God designed it to do – which Is heal itself. The diet God gave us in Genesis 1:29 is not only the diet God designed to properly nourish the body, but it is this same diet that rebuilds the body’s self healing mechanism so that the body can heal itself of almost any physical or even psychological problem the body is dealing with. Click here to read more.

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