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Health Tips I Wish I Would Have Known When I was Younger

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As health declines in the later years of life, many people experience regrets about the decisions that they made when they were younger. It can be hard to admit that you made some mistakes earlier in life, but the truth is that these lifestyle choices have a direct impact on overall health later in life. Even though you can’t go back to change time, you might have the opportunity to pass along a few life lessons to the younger women in your family: daughters, granddaughters, neighbors, and friends. Here are a few things that many people wish they would have understood when they were younger:

Protect Your Skin While Enjoying the Sunshine

As the days get longer and the temperatures warm up we all want to get busy on our spring and summer to-do lists, which often include a lot of time outside in the sun. You want to avoid getting a sunburn and damaging your skin. Eating a diet rich in green, yellow, and especially orange vegetables will provide your skin with antioxidant protection from the carotenoids found in these vegetables. Plus, they will give your skin some good color and a healthy glow. Manage your time in the sun, eat vegetables, and you can reduce the risk of cancer and also avoid signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sun spots. Keep in mind that a little bit of sunshine is essential for optimal health. But, if you are planning to be in the sun for an extended period of time, then it is a good idea to cover up, wear a hat, and use non-toxic sun protection.

Practice Healthier Eating Habits

Forming unhealthy and addictive eating habits in your younger years might make it more difficult to manage your eating later in life. Some young people assume that they can eat whatever they want, because their high metabolism makes it possible to eat junk food without gaining weight. Instead of getting caught in the traps of emotional eating and food addictions, make it a point to manage your food consumption during your younger years. Stay away from fast food, convenience foods, and prepackaged items that are filled with sugar and unhealthy preservatives and chemicals. Instead, it is better to focus on natural ingredients and whole foods. Learn how to prepare healthy recipes, such as a quick Avocado Supreme Sandwich or a big salad that you can eat on the go.

Use the Right Supplements

In addition to good exercise, healthy eating, and other important daily habits, also consider the supplements that you are using. For example, you might consider the Luminology line of supplements that are designed for women, because these supplements can make it easier to balance your hormones and maintain good hormone levels throughout your life.

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