Juicing is the greatest way to receive the nutrients from raw vegetables.

3 Reasons You Should Start Juicing

Juicing is the greatest way to receive the nutrients from raw vegetables. 

Following a primarily raw diet is an excellent choice to make – by fueling your body with natural foods in the raw form, you'll receive the proper vitamins and nutrients you need to thrive. But the best way to enjoy these foods is by juicing, which extracts the nutrients of vegetables before you consume them, maximizing their overall benefit to your body.

Dr. Mercola suggested investing in a high-quality juicer because he believes it's one of the most proactive steps you can take for your health and overall well-being.

"When you drink fresh-made green juice, it is almost like receiving an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes because they go straight into your system without having to be broken down," he said.

Here are three reasons why we suggest you should start juicing today:

1. Your body will receive more nutrients
As Ann highlighted in her book "Unravel the Mystery," consuming raw vegetables in their whole form will only give you about 30 percent of the nutrients – and that's if your immune system is working properly. Since most people don't chew between 30 and 50 times per bite before swallowing – the suggested amount to completely break down the food – you won't release the entire amount of nutrients that are locked in the foods you're consuming. However, by choosing to juice, you can completely break down the cell structure of the raw foods, releasing the nutrients and allow up to 90+ percent to reach cellular level.

Extracting vegetables enables the body to receive more nutrients.

2. You can consume a greater amount of vegetables
Did you know that two 8-ounce glasses of carrot juice are equal to two pounds of the vegetable's raw form? Many people on the Hallelujah Diet consume about a half gallon of juice per day. To get the same benefit from juicing, you'd have to quite of few pounds of raw carrots per day, making certain you're chewing 30 to 50 times per bite. Sounds a bit daunting, doesn't it? Juicing makes receiving the proper nutrients a much easier choice, plus there's a variety of juices you can make! Blending carrots and leafy greens with certain fruits makes a delicious beverage.

3. Your cells will receive nutrients almost instantly
When you choose to eat raw vegetables in their whole form, your body needs time to digest them. However, choosing to juice instead basically takes the need to digest away – the extraction breaks down the vegetables, which in a sense pre-digests them before they even reach your mouth. So instead of waiting hours for the body to absorb the nutrients, it'll only take minutes.

Remember: All juices are not created equal. Likewise, choosing the right juicer will also have an effect on how well your fruits and vegetables are extracted. That's why we recommend high-quality juicers as well as recipe books like The Defining Advantage - Juicing Recipe Book to kick-start your new juicing routine. Maximizing your overall nutrition just got easier!

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