Review: Healing Cancer from the Inside Out

Review: Healing Cancer from the Inside Out

Mike Anderson’s Healing Cancer from the Inside Out DVD contains information that will absolutely astound the viewer. Much of the information in this intensely researched documentary has never been revealed before. It will cause you to seriously re-evaluate the entire cancer issue. Anderson challenges orthodox ideas. “If you think conventional treatments cure cancer. If you think diet cannot cure cancer...think again!” The video is divided into 2 one-hour parts. Section One deals with the medical approach to cancer. It reveals in devastating detail how current cancer treatments are not designed to cure the disease, but to bring in tons of money for those in the cancer business. Here are a few quotes from Section One:
“Statistics reveal untreated cancer patients live longer than treated patients.”
“We are trying to cure cancer with cancer causing treatments.”
“Everyone should know that the ‘War on Cancer’ is largely a fraud.”
“The American Cancer Society’s mission raises money to benefit the cancer industry and protect that industry from competition.”
“People think the FDA is protecting them – It is not!”
“We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people right and left for financial gain.”
By this time, you will be angry, vowing to never accept conventional treatments for cancer. Before viewing this video, I knew a lot about the cancer industry, but had never realized how powerful the link was between cancer and money. You just can’t fathom the ruthless steps being taken to protect those getting rich at the expense of those diagnosed with cancer. Section Two offers a way to hope. Anderson shows the viewer how to almost always reverse and even cure cancer as well as most other diseases through proper diet and lifestyle. Following are just a few of the quotes Section Two:
“The cure for cancer will not be found under the microscope because the cure for cancer has already been found. It is on the dinner plate.”
“Almost all diseases can be reversed or cured by a plant based diet.”
“Diet and Lifestyle are the cause and cure of most diseases.”
“Cancer is most frequent when carnivorous habits prevail.”
“Americans worship animal protein. Yet it is the strongest carcinogen we will ever experience in our lives.”
“Forces within us are the true healers.” (Hippocrates)
Everyone needs the information contained on this DVD. It can potentially save the viewer's life, as well as the lives of friends and loved ones. This information clearly reveals why hundreds of people who have turned to The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle have been able to recover from cancer (even stage 4 and metastasized) and over 170 other physical problems. The two-hour DVD, Healing Cancer from the Inside Out, is available on the Hallelujah Acres website or by calling 800.915.9355.

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