Hallelujah Diet introduced its newly formulated HD Liposomal Vitamin C to a live audience

Hallelujah Diet introduced its newly formulated HD Liposomal Vitamin C to a live audience

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Paul Malkmus, CEO and Olin Idol, ND, Vice President of Health for Hallelujah Diet, discussed Strengthening the Immune System in a live webinar with over 700 participants last Tuesday night. A Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Olin Idol is an expert who is nationally known for his research and assisting people with building strong immune systems by taking charge of the body’s self-healing powers. He explained how the immune system is our front line defense against all sickness and disease. Most people have habits that weaken their immune system, especially when it comes to diet, but there are ways to make us virtually "bulletproof," and those strategies were covered during the live broadcast. One of the best and most comprehensive solutions is Hallelujah Diet’s recently reformulated Liposomal Vitamin C. Many people take vitamin C but many supplements contain contaminants, don’t actually have the vitamin levels stated on the label and much of the vitamin C passes through the body rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream where it is needed. Liposomal Vitamin C is unique because the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and cells—including white blood cells that use vitamin C to fight infections. In fact, this is the most absorbable and powerful form of vitamin C available. In addition to being an essential component in everyone’s need to strengthen the immune system, Liposomal Vitamin C is also especially important for anyone facing a cardiovascular, cancer, viral or bacterial challenge of any kind. Other key takeaways from the Strengthening the Immune System webinar:
  • An immune system strong enough to ward off virtually any illness is fortified not only by a highly effective supplement like Liposomal Vitamin C. It is also important to embrace a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercise regularly and manage stress.
  • While genetics can be a factor in our odds of falling prey to chronic illness, proper diet and nutritional supplements have the potential to conquer genetic obesity and inherited genetic diseases.
  • To a considerable extent, the type and number of organisms in our body determine the relative strength of our immune system. We need to minimize the bad bacteria that can make us sick and maximize the friendly flora—beneficial microorganisms—in our digestive system.
  • An optimal way to do so is with a plant-based diet that includes fermented raw vegetables and pre-biotic fiber—found in many vegetables and fruits including the skin of apples. Hallelujah Diet recommends Professional Strength Probiotics at least periodically for healthy people and definitely for anyone battling cancer or some other chronic health challenge. One caplet daily delivers billions of immune boosting bacteria throughout your entire GI tract to keep disease-causing bacteria under control. And, unlike other supplements, Professional Strength Probiotics delivers up to 60% of its bacteria all the way to your colon for the best possible results.
  • God gave us a plant-based diet to unlock the self-healing power of the body He also created for us. This is what inspired the creation of the Hallelujah Diet in the first place. Emphasizing Green Food, this diet is rich in raw, living nutrients and fiber and minimizes calories and sugar, both of which pose major risks to our health.
  • Mounting evidence tells us that the health of our mouth has a direct impact on overall health. Oral pathology, root canals, extraction site cavitations and mercury amalgam fillings can, with years of exposure, stress the immune system to the extent that it can no longer keep us well. It must be corrected if the immune system is to recover and function as God intended.
  • Simply stated, Vitamin C empowers the immune system and we can’t get enough Vitamin C from diet alone. Vitamin C delivers a full menu of healthy benefits:
    • Tissue growth and repair
    • Healthy gums
    • Proper adrenal and immune function
    • Protection against pollution and toxins
    • Metabolism of folate and tyrosine
    • Works synergistically with vitamin E and beta-carotene to fight cancer-causing free radicals, reduce cholesterol, promote healthy skin and mucus membranes, strengthen our immune system, and enhance good eye health and vision
    • Provides excellent cardiovascular and healthy aging support
  • In addition to Vitamins A and C, other supplements can work in concert to help you achieve a stronger immune system and overall optimal health:
    • Garlic—a potent antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agent
    • Melatonin and 5 HTP (a precursor to Serotonin) for adequate sleep
    • Iodine—96% of U.S. population is deficient, yet iodine is needed for cellular health, proper immune function, and to ward off cancer
    • Selenium—to support your immune system’s defenses
    • B 12, B6 & Folate—for boundless energy, healthy cells, nerve health, battling fatigue, helping the liver detoxify, reducing oxidative stress that can lead to inflammation and improving mood
    • Silver Biotics—to help manage bacterial, vital and fungal challenges
    • Beta Glucan—to boost cellular immunity, the most important protection against cancer, viruses and bacteria
The bottom line: once again, when it comes to strengthening our immune system and empowering our bodies to sustain optimal health, the three Hallelujah Diet cornerstones come into play: healthy diet, highly effective supplements and the right mix of exercise, sleep, stress management and, lest we forget, proper hydration with purified water. Click here to access video coverage of the entire webinar. Feel free to share with family and friends.

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