The Truth of God's Amazing Plan

The Truth of God's Amazing Plan

“Thank you for this awesome article. It’s amazing that the Holy Spirit is again revealing the truth of God’s amazing plan (Genesis 1:29) – the availability of ultimate, healing, peace, love and joy as He did when He created this beautiful planet and every creature that lives on it. This is not a new message, but unfortunately, 'The lying pens of the Scribes and Pharisees have changed the scriptures to their liking over time' (Jeremiah 8:8) and translators have conveniently left out whole chapters and passages and changed words to suit their will so that the scriptures seem to say things God never said. If you check out the various Bibles i.e. NIV and other translations – even chapters have been twisted around and some left out to say what the translators wants it to say. God provided the perfect recipe for healing, peace, and joy in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1: 26 – 29) but humans always know better and sinfully want to do things their way. Unfortunately, through thousands of generations, children have died untimely deaths through sickness and diseases because their forefathers have chosen to reject God’s commands and they are still rejecting the message because meat eating is so engraved on their DNA that any other message than that sounds so foreign to their ears that they just cannot embrace it.” ~ Elsje P.
“Thank you, thank you, and thank you for this in-depth series. I’ve been a vegetarian for years and a vegan for even more years. I primarily don’t eat meat just because it looks and smells gross to me not for scriptural reasons. This series has given me strong conviction for my choosing a plant-based diet is truly the right thing to do. Keep up the great work of educating and equipping His people.” ~ Tyra
“I loved reading your series on what the Bible really says about God’s idea of the right foods for humans. Excellent stuff, thank you so much! There are a few verses you didn’t touch on and your quoting of the Revelation verses in the last article in the series made me think of them in connection with the kind of diet we will eat after the resurrection. The verses I’m thinking of are the ones in Isaiah 11:6-9 and Isaiah 65:25 about the wolf lying down with the lamb, the lion eating straw like the ox, etc. I have always loved those verses and felt they indicated that in the end, God will remove predation and parasitism from nature and not just humans but all beings, including those that are now obligate omnivores and carnivores, will eat only plant foods.” ~ Tom M.

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