The Hallelujah Diet Saved My Voice!

The Hallelujah Diet Saved My Voice!

“Dear Dr. Malkmus: Last July, I had a large tumor on the left side of my neck, which had paralyzed my vocal chords. As a result of the tumor, I was not able to talk normally. The surgeon told me that I had to have surgery to remove not only the tumor and the thyroid, but also the nerve of the vocal cord, as the nerve went through the tumor. “I asked the doctor if I would be able to get my voice back if I had the surgery. He responded: ‘No, your voice is shot!’ “Not wanting to lose my voice, I refused the surgery and the radiation treatments he said I needed. The Bible tells us of many, many healing promises. I searched the Bible for them, and began to cling to them. I saw that Jesus never sent anyone to a surgeon and so I believed that the Lord is the same yesterday, as well as today, and so I refused the surgery and trusted Jesus to heal me. “I had been on a vegetarian diet for years, but last August, after the doctors wanted to cut out my vocal chords, I went on the pure vegan Hallelujah Diet. I began drinking two quarts of carrot/apple juice and a quart of green leafy vegetable juice every day. I refused all animal products, white flour and processed foods. I began to eat 85% of my food raw, just like you suggest. “By October the tumor had begun to shrink and by Christmas I had my voice back. It is now seven months since Christmas, and the tumor has become very small, and my voice is now strong enough for me to be able to sing again. I praise the Lord for that! “Because of the diet change, I have also lost 30 pounds, and gone from a size 16 to a size 10/12, which is great! Thirty pounds is almost the weight of two bowling balls, which I don’t have to carry around with me anymore. My feet and knees are very thankful also, and so is my heart, because it doesn’t have to pump so hard now. “I am so grateful for your advice, all your help, and for your weekly Hallelujah Health Tips. I have learned so much from you and am looking forward to learning more. Thank you and God bless you!” ~ Margrit J.

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