Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Sunburn, dehydration and cell (free-radical) damage are all part of the beautiful days of summer. If you have spent too much time recently having fun in the sun, you may feel the burn on the skin but you may not be aware of what other parts of your body have been affected. Even though the memories of the family gathering sand outdoor activities will stay with you forever, you don’t really want the long-term residuals of too much sun.

Ways to Stay Protected from the Sun

Having this kit handy for your summer fun activities will help you keep yourself protected and healthy!

SilverBiotics | Ouch that sunburn hurts! – Perfect for those who may have spent too much time in the sun and now have red, hot, sensitive-to-the- touch, burned skin. Safe to use with an atomizer spray bottle! Reduce inflammation, pain and speed healing. Find relief from sunburned skin irritation with topical applications, or by ingesting the safest and most effective form of colloidal silver available. Use Silver Biotics as directed and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the skin will heal.

Antioxidants | Fight free radicals caused from sun damage. Free radicals are highly reactive, mainly oxygen molecules or atoms with at least one unpaired electron that can damage proteins, fats, and even DNA inside the trillions of cells within our bodies. Free radicals form naturally within our body as oxygen is utilized within the cell to create energy (called oxidation). The body in most cases can easily handle this limited amount of damage.

Other causes of free radicals include ultraviolet light (from the sun), or other forms of radiation. Toxic chemicals, especially synthetic compounds, can cause free radical damage. High fat diets, smoking, pollution, computer monitors, even the air we breathe all can contribute to the formation of free radicals. Antioxidants can actually capture or neutralize free radicals. Because many different types of free radicals attack the body, many types of antioxidants are needed.

The three main types of antioxidants important in human metabolism are: antioxidant enzymes produced by the body, essential nutritional dietary compounds like Vitamin C, and small plant-derived substances which intercept the free radicals and prevent them from causing damage.

These antioxidants work together to form a powerful system, supporting good antioxidant health.

HydroBoost | It’s all about HYDRATION!–When you are out in the sun-even if you are swimming in water, your body will become dehydrated. What you choose to quench your thirst with can make an extraordinary difference to your health. The purpose of drinking water is to keep the cells properly hydrated, which will help prevent dehydration. Our HydroBoost Kit will lower surface tension and create smaller clusters when added to any water - this helps the H2O get out of the stomach and into the cells significantly improving hydration. It also adds additional minerals that the body can utilize unlike the dead minerals found in regular tap and bottled water. Adding HydroBoost drops to distilled, reverse osmosis, bottled, or even tap water will provide the benefits of better hydration and better mineral utilization. HydroBoost also boosts antioxidant activity and increases the water’s pH to about 8.0. Its important to ensure the water you consume is free from environmental toxins through distillation, reverse osmosis or stringent filtration.

Stock up on this Fun in the Sun kit to protect your family from the harsh realities of the sun. Stay hydrated and enjoy those long, sultry days of summer! 

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