Final Hallelujah Weekend - Coming Soon!

Final Hallelujah Weekend - Coming Soon!

If you've always wanted to come, make plans now because this is your LAST opportunity to experience a Hallelujah Weekend at Hallelujah Acres!
At every First Saturday-of-the-month, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar, there is someone who comes up to share with me that they had been planning to come to Hallelujah Acres for years and were so glad that they finally made it. Then after the seminar they share how they wished they hadn’t waited so long to attend. Hallelujah Acres has been in the same location in Shelby, North Carolina for over 14 years. During that time, more than 50,000 people have journeyed to Shelby from across America and around the world to attend our first-Saturday-of-the-month seminars. Every month we have folks in attendance from at least a dozen and sometimes more than two dozen different states and often someone is in attendance from another country. We are always amazed at how far people will travel to attend these monthly seminars. About 5 years ago, we added Rhonda’s Friday evening culinary class and soon after added another event, Paul and Ann’s Saturday afternoon “Where Do We Go from Here?” class. Each of these events has drawn thousands who have journeyed to Hallelujah Acres to attend a “Hallelujah Weekend” (attending all three events).

Final Hallelujah Weekend: October 5-6, 2012

In late October 2012, Hallelujah Acres is scheduled to move from its Shelby, North Carolina location to its new headquarters in Gastonia, North Carolina. Once we make the move, Hallelujah Weekends will be no more! Our final Hallelujah Weekend, including Rhonda’s Friday evening culinary class, Saturday morning seminar with Rev. Malkmus, and Paul and Ann’s Saturday afternoon “Where Do We Go from Here?” class, will be held the weekend of October 5 and 6 in our Shelby, North Carolina location. If you've always wanted to come, make plans now because this is the LAST opportunity to do so. Click here for more information!

NEW In November...

Hallelujah Weekends may be no more, but Rev. Malkmus’ first-Saturday-of-the-month seminars will continue in various cities across the Southeastern United States! November’s seminar will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, while December's event will be held in Jacksonville, Florida and January’s in Tampa, Florida. Registration is encouraged for these FREE seminars due to limited seating Nov 3, 2012 - God's Way to Ultimate Health - Charlotte, NC Dec 1, 2012 - God's Way to Ultimate Health - Jacksonville, FL Jan 5, 2013 - God's Way to Ultimate Health - Tampa, FL

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