My 13-Year-Old Son Has Kidney Stones — What Should I Do?

My 13-Year-Old Son Has Kidney Stones — What Should I Do?

The diseases of our parents are showing up in our kids! Fortunately, dissolving kidney stones, no matter your age, can be as simple as switching the type of water you drink.
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“Hello Rev. Malkmus, I was wondering if you could please tell me what the healthiest drinking water is? I have watched the Hallelujah Acres videos concerning this issue and they said distilled water was the best. So I went to my local health food store for a second opinion and they said distilled water was not good. I really trust Hallelujah Acres opinion over all others, so I would appreciate your advising me as to what is the most cost-effective way of having distilled water. Also are there any suggestions you can make for someone with kidney stones? My son is 13, and way too young to be having kidney stones. I don’t know where to turn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.” Terri H.

Editor Responds

Hi Terri, Distillation is the absolute best means of purifying water, as it supports the body’s innate self-healing efforts. For anyone dealing with kidney stones, distillation is the best choice of water as it is free of minerals and will help dissolve mineral deposits in organs, tissues, joints, etc. Minerals such as calcium carbonate found in most tap, well, and spring water are undesirable. These are the same minerals that line a pot after the water has been boiled away. They’re difficult for the body to process, and are often stored in joints and tissues, creating real problems, including kidney and gall stones.

A countertop water distiller such as our Waterwise 3200 is the most economical way to produce high quality pure water. You can also purchase distilled water by the gallon in the grocery store, but it is more expensive per gallon than producing it at home with a distiller, and you are never sure of the purity of the water in these plastic jugs.

For those who are concerned about the low pH of distilled water, they can add WaterMax (available from Hallelujah Acres) to their drinking water. WaterMax contains a very low amount of minerals to buffer the pH, raising levels to 8.19, without negatively impacting the body. WaterMax-enhanced water has such a low mineral content that the pH cannot be tested with regular pH paper, but rather requires a low ionic solution pH paper.

Personal Testimony

I have personally consumed distilled water for over 36 years and have never had an issue with weak bones (which is often a concern of some drinking distilled water who believe it leaches minerals from the bones). In fact, about five years ago at the age of 73, I fell from the top of a ladder, with my head landing on a railroad landscaping timber. I did not break a bone, nor have I experienced any kidney or gall stones during the more than three decades that I have been consuming distilled water. There are those who say that distilled water leaches good minerals from the bones. That has not been our experience. Distilled water leaches only the rock minerals that have accumulated in the joints and formed kidney and gall stones from the body, while not having any effect on the bone structure.

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