Enhanced, LIVE Health Minister Training in Charlotte, NC

Enhanced, LIVE Health Minister Training in Charlotte, NC

Become a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister in just 4 days — no prerequisite needed! Be among the first to take advantage of this brand new version of Health Minister Training, November 6-9!
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For those unable to travel to Hallelujah Acres for Health Minister Training, we have been offering Health Minister Training Online for many months now. Already, hundreds of people from across America and around the world have taken advantage of earning their Health Minister certification online. However, we still have something for those interested in a LIVE training session! November 6-9, we will offer our brand new, 4-day Health Minister Training LIVE session on-site at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel (with free shuttle service from the airport)! Plus, there's no prerequisite needed! At Health Minister Training LIVE, you can enjoy listening to the instructors in person, being in a classroom setting with other students, and more!

This new training includes:

  • Four days (formerly three days) of intensive training at no increase in cost.
  • A new, foundational nutrition class that will now cover enzymes, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, calories, etc. This class will be taught by Scott Laird, a member of our marketing team who is currently studying to be a Naturopath.
  • Enhanced appliance demonstrations of blenders, dehydrators, juicers, Tribest personal blender, Perfect Pickler, spiral veggie slicer, mandolin, etc. Previous students have requested more time on learning how to use these tools and now will be included. This will be taught by Melody Hord, Hallelujah Acres' Senior Education Specialist.
  • Why are sugar substitutes so dangerous?
  • What constitutes a superfood?
  • A new session dedicated to the most frequently asked questions people ask.
  • And by popular demand, Olin Idol, ND, CNC will give a longer session regarding supplements.
All the above will be included along with a goldmine of resource materials in an updated manual including cutting edge research and new information on how nutrition best supports the body. In just four amazing days, Health Minister Training LIVE will teach you the science behind The Hallelujah Diet, its biblical foundation, cutting edge information on negative effects of stress, and the importance of hydration, fitness, and attitude on your overall health. Come hear Paul and Ann Malkmus, Paul is President and Ann is Chief of Education; Rev. George and Rhonda Malkmus, founders of Hallelujah Acres; Olin Idol, ND, CNC, Vice-President of Health; Michael Donaldson, PhD, Research Director; and many others! Register for Health Minister Training LIVE here!

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