Could Sitting Too Long Make You Sick?

Could Sitting Too Long Make You Sick?

Sure, you go to the gym after a hard day at the office — but according to a new study, it's not enough if you sit for long hours at your desk. Those who sit for long periods have a two fold increase in their risk of diabetes, heart disease and death, say study authors. The findings agree with other studies that have linked sitting for long periods with higher insulin levels. It's definitely something to consider. Really, how many of us think about how much time we spend sitting? Could this be why some people have a harder losing weight and avoiding disease than others after adopting The Hallelujah Diet? Think about how active you are during the day; do you need to break up long periods of stagnation? A daily workout is a good first step, but you have to bring that mindset to work, too. If you sit for long periods at work, get up as often as you can (some sources say stand up for 2 minutes for every 20 minutes sitting). "By simply limiting the time that we spend sitting, we may be able to reduce our risk of diabetes, heart disease and death,” says study leader Dr. Emma Wilmot. Maybe you can even initiate an office activity that everyone can benefit from. Suggest stand-up meetings (just think, your meetings may end up a lot shorter this way!), or ask co-workers if they'd like to walk with you at lunch. If you work with a group in an open area, have some fun with it; ask someone to set a timer on their smartphone every hour or so, and when it rings, everyone gets up and stretches — it breaks up the work day, and reduces your risk of disease, too. This study is a reminder that health isn't just about adhering to The Hallelujah Diet at the dinner table. It encompasses everything we do... so that we can be fit for the Master's use at a moment's notice. How many hours do you sit each day? Comment below!

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