Defend Yourself Against Diabetes!

Defend Yourself Against Diabetes!

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with a disease, it can be a very isolating feeling. However, for those struggling to cope with diabetes, you are far from alone. Diabetes is a global epidemic, which affects nearly 347 million people worldwide. Although practicing healthy eating habits and moderate physical activity make it almost entirely avoidable, type 2 diabetes accounts for nearly 90% of all cases internationally. As the standard American diet and sedentary lifestyles become increasingly prevalent, this global epidemic is only projected to rise.
The World Health Organization predicts that within the next 10 years, diabetes rates will increase nearly 50%, steering it to become the seventh leading cause of death in the world by the year 2030.
According to president of The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine and diabetes specialist Dr. Neal Barnard, “abnormally high levels of glucose circulating in the bloodstream are toxic to the blood vessels, especially the tiny blood vessels of the eyes, the kidneys, the extremities, and the heart.” This means that, over time, people with diabetes run a much higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, blindness, loss of kidney function and loss of limbs. Although there are many drugs prescribed to help manage the symptoms, prescription medication only slows the progression of the disease. Yet, as dismal as these predictions may seem, it’s not too late to regain control of your health! When asked if diabetes can be reversed, Dr. Barnard responds, “Yes. When people begin a healthful diet, most see big improvements in weight, cholesterol, and their blood sugar. Their need for medications diminishes, and some may not need medications at all. In some cases, you would never know they had had diabetes.” By simply adopting a plant-based diet and incorporating moderate physical activity into their daily routines, millions of people have already discovered the power to reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of diabetes! The Hallelujah Diet, in particular, is designed to address nutritional deficiency and detoxify the body simultaneously, providing the most efficient and effective way to support the body’s self-healing ability. Plus, in response to the increasing demand, we’ve created The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Diabetes Support Kit, designed with the specific needs of those dealing with diabetes in mind. Whether you’re treating your diabetes through conventional or alternative means, The Hallelujah Diet, combined with The Hallelujah Diet Diabetes Get Started Support Kit, will put your body into its best possible state to reduce diabetes symptoms and augment your treatment. By addressing nutritional deficiencies that are common among diabetics, The Hallelujah Diet Diabetes Get Started Support Kit can strengthen your immune system, increase your energy, help you lose weight and helps support the body in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, so that you can get a better handle on your disease! Each Hallelujah Diet Get Started Diabetes Support Kit contains a one month supply of the health promoting supplements BarleyMax and Fiber Cleanse - both fundamental for the control of diabetes through their ability to assist the body as it works to regain optimal function and stabilize blood sugar levels. For starters, BarleyMax can help boost energy and support the immune system, so your body has an upper hand in its fight against diabetes. Used in combination with the detoxifying effects of Fiber Cleanse, your body is able to safely and effectively eliminate toxic buildup, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity, chronic inflammation and more. The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Diabetes Support Kit also contains the easy-to-read booklet, “The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar”, by Olin Idol, N.D., C.N.C.. In this book, you will learn about the many faces of diabetes and how you can equip the body to restore itself to optimal health. You will also receive our Simple Weekly Meal Plans recipe book, which features 28 days worth of quick and easy, full course meal recipes customized especially for The Hallelujah Diet. At the end of your first month, with your body supercharged and ready to begin the healing process, you can then switch to the Hallelujah Diet Diabetes Monthly Maintenance Kit, the perfect complement to The Hallelujah Diet as you strive to maintain optimal health. So, don't let a diabetes diagnosis get you down! Make this the year that you fully empower your self-healing body, so you can get up and fight back!

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