Surefire Tips for a Stronger Immune System

Surefire Tips for a Stronger Immune System

If there’s one thing that Paul and I have gained a lot of experience with during our years with Hallelujah Acres, it’s traveling! Between nationwide speaking engagements to exciting opportunities overseas, we have been incredibly blessed in our ability to share our message of health with others around the world! And while our recent adventures in Africa have been nothing short of incredible, it’s no secret that traveling halfway around the globe can also be exhausting! That’s why, when we travel, we always make sure to give our immune systems the extra support they need to fight off any toxins we might come in contact with along the way. Traveling is often accompanied by changes in sleep patterns that disrupt circadian rhythms (or “internal clocks”), thereby placing strain on the immune system.
In a recent study from Yale University, author Dr. Erol Fikrig discovered that, “disruption of daily rhythms, such as from sleep deprivation, affect the immune response.”
So, if you are one of the millions of people preparing to travel this holiday season, below are just a few helpful tips to boost your immune system before you go! First off, adhering to The Hallelujah Diet is key in keeping the immune system strong! Raw fruits and veggies flood the system with antioxidants that create a barrier against free radicals and are an excellent way to fight off infection and disease! Plus, while difficult to digest foods, like meat and dairy, only cause strain on your system and slow you down, fresh fruits and vegetables pack the energy-boosting power to take you everywhere you need to go! Secondly, during the holiday season, sugar laden desserts and drinks are everywhere, but avoid the temptation to indulge as they are a surefire way to sabotage your system! Well known television personality and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears agrees, stating that, a big dose of sugar can “ make you more vulnerable to colds, flu and other infections.” Certainly not what you want right before a big trip! Third, there are several supplements that we regularly rely on for added immune system support! Doctor recommended Silver Biotics is a great first line of defense that utilizes the immune-boosting power of colloidal silver to help fight off infection and even fatigue. Hallelujah Professional Strength Probiotics are another must-have, as just one caplet a day coats your entire gastro-intestinal tract with beneficial microorganisms that work to defend you from disease causing bacteria, making them the perfect travel companion! Don’t forget to pack the vitamin D, as an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study suggests that vitamin D may be superior to vaccines at preventing the flu because it activates the killer T cells that protect us. Finally, a well-hydrated, well-rested body fights infection better and heals faster, so always make sure you get as much shut eye as possible and drink plenty of H20 when you are on the go! With these defenses in place, you’re sure to have all the energy and immune system support you need to feel your best and make the most of your travel time this season! What are some of your tips for keeping your immune system strong? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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