Cooked Food... But Not From The Stove

Cooked Food... But Not From The Stove

Need a little something to go with that fabulous salad you made for supper? Rev. Malkmus has a simple, delicious cooked food option that requires zero prep time!
For the past few weeks in this section of the Health Tip I have been sharing how simple the evening meal can be for those following The Hallelujah Diet. Today I want to share that during the hot summer months I often do not enjoy eating any cooked food that is still hot from the stove. Instead, here is a cooked food that is not hot from the stove that I find very tasty and fulfilling. After my juice and blended salad I often find a couple of all natural crispbreads make a very satisfying conclusion to the meal. There are several brands out there that are carried by most supermarkets. The ones I like best are made by Ryvita. My favorite is “Pumpkin Seed and Oats” with the following ingredients: “Wholegrain Rye flour (73%), Pumpkin Seeds (15%), Oats (11%), Salt.” That's it! While they are not organic, these crispbreads have acceptable ingredients. There is another company (Wasa) that produces a similar product, but I do not find them as tasty. However, the listed ingredients are similarly good. Bon appetit!

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