Cooked Food... But Not From The Stove

Cooked Food... But Not From The Stove

Need a little something to go with that fabulous salad you made for supper? Here's a cooked food option that requires zero prep time!
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Following the Hallelujah Diet makes mealtime simple, especially when it comes to preparing raw food recipes. But there may be nights that you find yourself craving a satisfying cooked option, which can seem more challenging with raw food. While it may be difficult, it’s definitely not impossible! In this blog post, we’re going to be sharing our favorite recipes for food that isn’t cooked on the stove but still packs plenty of the nourishing flavors and living nutrition you’re looking for. From grilled portabellas to roasted sunchokes and black bean burgers, you’re sure to find a recipe you’ll love enough to add to your weekly meal schedule. Let’s get started!

Today I want to share that during the hot summer months I often do not enjoy eating any cooked or hot food. And who would enjoy standing over a hot stove when it's already hot outside? Instead, I find myself enjoying cooked food options that aren't hot from the stove, but are still tasty and fulfilling.

How Can I Cook Without a Stove?

Now, you might be thinking – how can you enjoy cooked food without using a stove? The answer is actually pretty simple! Alternative appliances such as air fryers make great substitutions for stovetops, especially in the summertime when you’re battling the heat. Roasted veggies can taste so good with crispy edges and just a bit of crunch. Another way to achieve this texture is by using an air fryer. We love cooking with air fryers because we find they’re easier to use and clean, and they’re much healthier overall compared to a traditional deep fryer that uses oil.

Healthy Options to Try Without Using the Stovetop

Sometimes your favorite salad just isn’t cutting it, and you need something more substantial to go along with it. You can enjoy the savory taste of warm, cooked food, without having to use your stove. Use an air fryer as an alternative to spending time cooking over a hot stove with some of these delicious options.

Raw Food Recipes That Don’t Require A Stove

When you’re craving something savory, try out one of these recipes. Each dish aligns with the Hallelujah Diet plan, through which we recommend an intake of about 85% raw foods and 15% cooked foods.

For a complete list of ingredients and detailed instructions, click on the name of the recipe. Here are a few of my favorite raw food recipes to try:

Grilled Portabella with Pineapple-Mango Chutney Recipe - This dish is so savory and tasty, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Plus, it looks and tastes just like grilled meat! To make this satisfying meal, all you need are portabella mushroom caps, a mango, pineapple, onion, an avocado, cilantro, lime juice, and cumin. Simply grill the mushrooms for several minutes on each side until they’re tender and juicy. Then, combine the ingredients for the chutney and layer several spoonfuls over the portabellas. It’s truly the perfect summertime dish!

Roasted Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) - Try these in your air fryer! A unique and often forgotten member of the root family is the sunchoke – the tuberous roots of the sunflower plant. Sunchokes can be eaten raw, but in this case, we’ll be roasting them in the oven (or air fryer). To make this dish, all you’ll need are 2-3 large sunchokes, olive oil, salt, fresh rosemary, and 3-4 cloves of garlic. After scrubbing and slicing the sunchokes, add them to a roasting pan or baking sheet with the garlic and toss them in olive oil. Then season the mixture with salt and rosemary. After baking, the roasted sunchokes should be tender, like a potato.

Bean Burgers or Sunflower Burgers
Looking for something that’ll satisfy your burger craving? These grilled bean burgers are one of our favorite healthy alternatives to a classic comfort meal. For this recipe, you’ll need two 15 oz. cans of kidney or black beans, ½ an onion, 1 clove of garlic, lemon juice, pecans or walnuts, rolled oats, and a variety of seasonings (see recipe for the full list of ingredients). After chopping and pulsing the ingredients as instructed, add them to the beans and pat the mixture into burger patties. You can forgo the stove/oven by tossing the burgers on the grill instead, flipping them once halfway through. The grilled sunflower burgers are another great alternative to try out!

We try to consume as much of the living ingredients in our foods as possible to keep our digestive enzymes and gut health on track! Finding options for warm, satisfying meals and main dishes can be difficult, but that's why we're here to help you get started. Let us know which recipes you try and what you love.

Since the Hallelujah Diet requires consuming as much of the living ingredients in our foods as possible, it works wonders when it comes to keeping our digestive enzymes and gut health on track. We’re constantly working to find new recipes for you all to try, but we could always use more help. If you have a plant-based, raw food recipe that fits a vegan diet (free from animal products), we’d love to hear from you!

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