A Dream Comes True in Our Fight Against Cancer

A Dream Comes True in Our Fight Against Cancer

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Hi Everyone, this is Paul. Last evening Ann was soooo excited she just couldn’t stop talking. You see, most of our days are filled with meetings, discussions, decisions, problems, projects, email … well, you get the idea, we stay pretty busy. While these tasks are gratifying because we are helping people it has been some time since Ann has been this excited.

A few years ago, Ann was burdened by all the people suffering from cancer. While Rev. George Malkmus had used essentially the Hallelujah Diet recovery program to heal himself over 30 years ago, we didn’t have a resource to give to people searching for help that was clear and concise. Ann believed that a book needed to be written, and she was determined to make this happen. And, when Ann puts her mind to something it usually happens one way or another.

I don’t know how many of you have ever written a book before, but I can tell you first hand, it is a major project. While this book has been in discussion for a few years it was sometime last spring that Ann began doing research. She read every book on the subject she could get her hands on. Ann is a true researcher, and you should see those books. They are full of yellow sticky notes highlighting the key points from everything she read. I’d bet she had over a hundred books she used as part of her research. She also researched studies in medical journals and other on-line resources. Then came the outlining where she started to organize the volumes of data that she had collected. She felt that the book needed to be unlike the ones she had read which weren’t fully documented with scientific studies. Nearly 200 studies are referenced throughout the book. Who knew there was so much relevant research showing the direct correlation between cancer, toxins and diet? Her research validated the direct connection between the toxins in our environment and the cancers people are experiencing today. She was not only thorough in providing information on toxins but she did something that we haven’t seen written before which is to provide solutions on how to reduce or mitigate the toxic effects recognizing that it just isn’t possible for everyone to live in a glass bubble protected from our toxic environment.

Twenty-six chapters of the book are devoted to toxins. One of Ann’s major objectives was that the book should be solution oriented. It must provide not just the causes of cancer but also focus on ways to overcome this deadly disease. We have been teaching a healthy approach to rebuilding the body’s self-healing mechanism for over 20 years but there are approaches that people have used successfully in conjunction with dietary modifications that provide added value and can improve someone’s odds.

But let's go back to last night. Ann walked in the door and showed me a copy that just arrived from the printer. Finally, the books she had worked so diligently on for so long were in print! Yet, this isn’t why she was excited. Yesterday, Ann had to teach a class that is normally taught by one of our staff who took a couple of days off to be with his family. Ann does one-on-one counseling at Hallelujah Acres, and it turned out that two of the couples in her class were dealing with cancer and one of them requested a private counseling session with her! What had Ann so excited last night was that she finally had the resource to give to this couple that she had dreamed of for so long.

Order your copy of Unravel The Mystery by Ann Malkmus today!

You might be able to tell by now that I’m just a little proud of Ann. She worked on this book all through the holidays. Christmas and New Year's days were spent writing in hotels while we traveled to visit our grandbaby in Iowa. Ann wrote a poem this morning and I would like to share it here:

“Bless the eyes that read this Lord, Lead them in your way. Give them comfort; give them hope As they begin this day.”

The effort was extensive and exhaustive. Yet, the reward has already begun. She now has the tools she needs for those who are trying to reclaim their health.

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