Strawberry Triple Good Veg-Smoothie

Strawberry Triple Good Veg-Smoothie

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Smoothies don’t have to be sweet. That is why this powerfully nourishing drink is called a “veg-smoothie”. The emphasis is on the greens, not the berry. The slight undertone is berry, but the lemon and dark greens prevail. Because when it comes to sugar, even from natural sources like fruit, many times, less is enough! With commitment, your palette CAN adapt to “not so much” sweetness in your blended beverages.


1 medium handful arugula
2 kale leaves
1 medium handful parsley
4 frozen strawberries
2 tsp. lemon juice
1 ¼ cups water
¼ avocado


1. Blend all ingredients in your blender
2. Enjoy the wonderful taste of a veg-smoothie

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