Rhondas Dehydrated Tomatoes

Rhondas Dehydrated Tomatoes

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To make the dehydrated tomatoes, Rhonda fills her Vita-Mix blender with these organic tomatoes, adds a few small sprigs of fresh oregano and basil from her herb garden, and blends all, using the tamper to push the tomatoes into the blades. She then pours the blended tomatoes and herbs onto a dehydrator tray sprayed very lightly with olive oil spray, and sets the thermostat to 100 degrees.

After about 24 hours in the dehydrator, she turns the tomatoes over and leaves them in the dehydrator for an additional 6-hours.

The dehydrated tomatoes are then removed from the dehydrator and cut into small enough pieces to fit into zip-lock type bags or vacuum seals them. They will keep in edible condition for years. ENJOY!


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