Pennys Cheese Flavored Baked Potato

Pennys Cheese Flavored Baked Potato

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Hello George, I enjoy your Health Tips each week and am always sharing the information they contain with others. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and Rhonda and all your staff at Hallelujah Acres. Your ministry is helping so many people get their lives back. God bless you! I was experimenting with nutritional yeast the other day and thought this was worthy of sending to you. It is a quick, easy, and very tasty way to top a baked potato that tastes almost like it has a cheese sauce on it:


1 medium baked potato (one for each person)

Extra virgin olive oil

Nutritional Yeast


After baking, slice open the top of the potato, pour in some olive oil and sprinkle on some nutritional yeast. Work olive oil and nutritional yeast into the potato and serve with a nice big salad. Mmmmmm Good!


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