Linda’s Favorite Raw Juice

Linda’s Favorite Raw Juice

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Sent in by Linda S., this is one of her favorite easy raw recipes. Full of fresh fruit and raw vegan protein sources like almonds and flax seeds, Linda's Favorite Raw Juice is packed with nutrition and flavor. Be prepared to come back for more! 


3 tablespoons raw almonds and blend to powder form

Then add the following to the powdered almonds, and blend at medium speed until creamy and rich:

3 stalks Celery, cut into 2" or smaller pieces

Juice from three Oranges

3 peeled Bananas

3 tablespoons ground Flax Seed

Optional ingredients that can be added to above ingredients in blender, for fun or variety:

3 pitted Medjool Dates

1 medium Avocado peeled and pitted

1 Apple, cored. Peel if desired – skin will add texture to the drink


Place ingredients in blender and blend. ENJOY!

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Ingrids Alsunchai Butter

Ingrids Alsunchai Butter

Ingrids Alsunchai Butter

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