Beet and Kale Veg-Smoothie

Beet and Kale Veg-Smoothie

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At Hallelujah Diet, we are big on beets. Betalain pigments, rutin, epicatechin and caffeic acid are outstanding antioxidants in beetroots.

Nitrates naturally found in beets are converted to nitric oxide in the body, and have shown to potentially assist the cardiovascular system by relaxing blood vessels and improving blood flow. Beets provide Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Folate, Potassium and Manganese. Don’t miss out on the health benefits of this magnificent magneto colored root.


10 oz. water
½ cup tomato
¼ cup raw beets
2 tsp. almond butter
1 cup baby kale
¼ lemon, peel and seeds removed
¼ avocado, seed removed


1. Blend all ingredients in your favorite blender
2. Enjoy your new creation.

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