How to Avoid Xeno Estrogens

Xeno-Estrogens: Why it is Important to Avoid These Synthetic Hormones

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Did you know that there are many environmental factors that can impact your hormone levels? If you are suffering from hormone imbalances, then you need to consider the things that you are doing on a daily basis that might be impacting your hormone levels.

Xeno-Estrogens in Synthetic Materials

One cause of hormone problems is a compound found in many synthetic products around your house. Xeno-estrogens are in hundreds of synthetic substances, and doctors have attributed the exposure to xeno-estrogens as a significant factor in the hormone changes that people are experiencing within the last 50 years. It has even been suggested that exposure to xeno-estrogens might play a role in the development of certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer. So, if you want to balance your hormones and reduce your risk of cancer, then you need to reduce your exposure to xeno-estrogens as much as possible.

Tips to Avoid Xeno-Estrogens

Here are a few things that you should do to avoid xeno-estrogens in your daily habits:
  • Don’t Use Plastic Materials in the Microwave: Many plastic Tupperware containers and plastic wrap products contain xeno-estrogens, which are infused in your food when they are heated up. Better yet, skip the microwave and heat the food on the stove top instead. There are a number of research studies that warn against the use of a microwave because of the negative health consequences.
  • Stay Away from Plastic Water Bottles: Even though it is convenient to grab a plastic water bottle when you are thirsty, these products are high in xeno-estrogens. If you choose to use a plastic bottle, find a reusable bottle that is BPA free. A better solution is to use a glass or stainless steel bottle instead, and add your own purified water.
  • Buy Organic Produce When Possible: If you can fit in into your budget, it is best to stick with organic produce. Pesticides and herbicides are sources of xeno-estrogens and they can have a negative impact on your hormone levels. If you can’t afford to buy only organic produce, then you should consider buying organic if you are purchasing a fruits, vegetables, or grains on the dirty dozen list.
  • Be Selective about Household Cleaners and Personal Care Products: There are a number of household products and personal care products that have xeno-estrogen containing ingredients. When you apply these things to your skin, your body will absorb the chemicals which can have an effect on your hormones.
  • Use Cleansing Supplements: Certain supplements can help to get rid of the toxic build-up in your body, such as xeno-estrogens and other unwanted substances. Use our Cleanse Starter Kits to get your health back on track again.
The most important thing for hormone balancing is to make sure that you are consistent with following good daily habits. These practices can really make a difference over time to balance your hormones and help you feel better.

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