What Will You Choose?

What Will You Choose?

Recently one of our readers sent this beautifully written poem. Yonka Beckam is a Raw Foodist, a certified Raw Nutrition Specialist, Chef & Lifestyle Coach. She appreciates how people think and this poem definitely shows that. Thank you for your excellent contribution Yonka!
We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

What Will You Choose?

What if?.....What if we….were all being deceived,
By the milk & dairy, and pharmaceutical industries?
You need this much calcium, and that much protein;
To have strong bones and a body that’s lean.

What if for a moment, we took a look around;
And observed the number of sick people that abound.
With CVD (cardiovascular disease) & cancer on the rise,
Either SAD (Standard American Diet) is failing; or someone’s telling lies.

To do the same thing and expect a different conclusion,
is mass insanity & the ultimate illusion.
At some point we must…. take responsibility for our own lives,
Be conscientious for what we eat, with our forks and our knives.

Obesity, diabetes and other diseases are not the norm,
If you don’t know this, please allow me to inform….You….
that cooked & processed foods, cause our bodies to decay,
we call it the aging process, but I call it pay.
For the daily assault on our bodies, with these counterfeit foods;
Which slowly destroys our health and wreaks havoc on our moods.

Our bodies are overworked backed-up & lacking rest;
When disease becomes apparent, we call it a test…..
A test from God, to see how strong we are;
But who would serve a God who takes things this far?
Would you as a parent, give your child a disease,
to test his strength, fortitude or capabilities?
I think not! and God wouldn’t either,
It doesn’t matter if you’re a saint, or an unbeliever.

The fact of the matter is, that WE are stewards of our own health,
What we put into our bodies, results in its poverty or wealth.
Since a living body can’t, be properly nourished with dead foods,
We can continue on with the familiar, or shift our attitudes.
toward taking care of our bodies…..our temples,
By feeding them raw & living foods,
that heal, prevents diseases & uplifts our moods.
We also need exercise to optimize our health;
And to restore us back to our original wealth.

Placed before us is a blessing; as well as a curse,
You must decide for yourself what your health is worth.
What will you choose?

-YSB (8/26/14)

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