A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

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We all know how important it is to maintain our health. But where do we begin? Walking along the aisles of the health food store can prove to be confusing and even frightening. But good health doesn’t start in a health food store. It starts in a grocery store. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Buy all of your groceries around the perimeter of the store”? That’s where the real nutrition is! We take that a step further and buy the majority of our groceries in the produce section. An easy way to help your health is to add a new fruit and vegetable to your grocery cart each time you go shopping. Try those bright, vivid colored veggies and fruits. You will be amazed at the flavors and textures they provide. Don’t be scared of the green ones—they can be quite tasty too! Don’t buy too many at once though, since they are living foods, they tend to spoil quicker than packaged food. It is better to go shopping a little more often, than to watch your dollars spoil and be tossed in the compost bin. Another easy way to improve your health is as easy as substituting one glass of soft drink for one glass of water. And then, add another glass of water to your diet each day as well. Work into replacing soft drinks with powdered juices and you can satisfy your thirst while satiating your cells at the same time. An easy substitution is meatless Mondays. You’ll soon find that the creative and colorful recipes of that meal will soon find their way into other meals throughout the week. And always remember, it’s not about what you can’t eat, it’s what you need to be eating. Just eliminating “bad” foods, really isn’t enough. For you to regain and maintain your health, the best thing to do is “feed” your body with plenty of quality whole foods that provide the best nutrition—every day! If you slowly begin to add these small tips into your daily regimen, along with a few quality whole food supplements, it won’t be long before you find an increase in energy, a clearer mind, and a new perspective on living! Changing your diet to a healthier lifestyle really isn’t rocket science. Slow, consistent changes every day will help you get closer to the Hallelujah Diet which is the healthiest diet on the planet! But if your good intentions go awry just because you don’t know the next step, we’ve got you covered. No need to worry about doing the Hallelujah Diet perfectly, or what the cost is associated with making a healthy diet change. All the guesswork is gone. You get all you need in our Get Started Kit! A great recipe book that simplifies your life by giving you weekly menus, shopping lists and even how much to buy! The recipes take very little time, are delicious and create a variety that you will surely enjoy. Next, you will receive a great DVD called “Getting Started.” This is a great “how-to” and shows steps to take to improve your diet and your health. Excellent recipes are in the video as well as numerous time-saving, money saving tips. Entertainment and education all wrapped up in one! Finally, instead of searching through the health food store trying to figure out what to buy just to start the process, enjoy a quick and easy approach with BarleyMax and FiberCleanse. Just these two items will make a major change in anyone’s health. For starters, since we believe that poor health is due to toxins and lack of nutrients, these two work together perfectly since they both can assist the body in detoxifying and BarleyMax is the most powerful nutritionally dense food we know of. Combined with a strong diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, you will have the tools you need to get your health back on track in no time! one-gsk-cta

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