Why You’ll Love Our Line of Digestive Enzyme Supplements & Probiotics

Why You’ll Love Our Line of Digestive Enzyme Supplements & Probiotics

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Today’s dietary supplement market is in full stride with a wide range of supplement types and brands to choose from. While supplements do offer effective ways to fill nutritional gaps in your diet, not all supplements do what they say they do. Hallelujah Acres (along with the Hallelujah Diet brand) came into being as a result of a health crisis that overtook our founder, Rev. George Malkmus. For this reason, we are invested in helping others experience optimal health and well-being, and we take great pride in offering the highest quality digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics. Here are just a few good reasons why you’ll love our line of dietary supplements.

The Hallelujah Diet Brand Rests on Quality

With over 85,000 supplement products in the U.S. marketplace, and limited quality assurance measures in place, finding dietary supplements that work as they should can be challenging. Misidentified ingredients, safety issues, and manufacturing processes all come into question when necessary quality controls are lacking. This is where Hallelujah Acres stands out from the crowd. Hallelujah Acres has a full time scientist on staff and houses its own research lab for the sole purpose of testing and perfecting the formulas that go into our supplements. Each one of our products contains the best ingredients that not only offer the highest quality of nutrition but allow for maximum absorption in the body, which is something many dietary supplement brands neglect to do. As far as manufacturing processes go, Hallelujah Acres places the utmost priority on retaining the natural, God-given plant nutrients in our products. This means we seek out the very best growth conditions for the plants that go into our products while taking measures to keep nutrient-damaging processing tasks to a minimum.

Digestive Enzyme Supplements That Promote a Healthy & Balanced Digestive Tract

Contain Living Enzymes

The enzymes in your digestive tract act as catalysts, meaning they initiate the chemical process that makes digestion and nutrient absorption possible. In effect, these materials contain a “life-force” that triggers essential processes in the digestive tract, such as breaking down foods and absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream. Likewise, an effective digestive enzyme supplement must also contain “living” enzymes. Our product quality testing of the finished product ensures that you receive the full enzymatic activity expected in each capsule.

Promote Intestinal Balance

closeup of intestinal villiIntestinal balance relies on the health of the good bacteria that live in your digestive tract. When bad, disease-causing bacteria start to overpower the good bacteria, intestinal imbalance is the result. Under these conditions, any number and type of digestive problems, such as Candida and inflammatory bowel disease, can develop. Because a healthy digestive tract is the root and source of good health, Hallelujah Acres makes every effort to address the core problems that interfere with digestive health. For these reasons, we offer enzyme supplements specifically formulated to promote intestinal balance. Our intestinal balance supplement is designed to destroy specific strains of disease-causing bacteria and yeast, which allows the good bacteria strains to rebuild and repopulate the digestive tract.

Probiotics That Protect Your Digestive Tract & Immune System Health

Probiotic supplements benefit the digestive tract by increasing the population of good bacteria in your gut. With over 80 percent of the body’s immune system located in the digestive tract, probiotics also help to strengthen your immune system. While a wide range of different probiotic brands does exist on the market, one big problem with many of them involves the bacteria ingredients and their inability to survive the harsh conditions of the stomach and digestive tract. If the bacteria don’t survive, the health benefits are lost. Hallelujah Diet probiotics are made from a proprietary formula that enables bacteria to survive the digestive tract and coat it with billions of living bacteria. Our Professional Strength Probiotics with healthy, immune-boosting bacteria combined with B-Flax-D a high-quality fiber, promote healthy nutrient absorption and healthy bowel movements. Since the digestive tract runs from the mouth to the colon, the Hallelujah Diet also offers probiotics to support your oral health. The mouth contains enzymes that play an important role in breaking down food so nutrients can be absorbed. The mouth also houses beneficial bacteria that protect the mouth from harmful bacteria and other organisms. Our Oral Health Probiotics supplement contains these beneficial bacteria, which help to promote a healthy balance of bacteria and enzyme materials. The health benefits from our oral probiotics keep your breath smelling good, build healthy teeth and gums, and also work to support your upper respiratory health. Last, our probiotic product line wouldn’t be complete without a specialty blend made for children. It’s hard to imagine that children also experience many of the same digestive problems as adults, such as inflammatory bowel disease, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and intestinal viral infections. Interestingly enough, children experiencing these types of issues can also benefit from a good probiotic supplement. Hallelujah Diet Children’s Probiotic contains five different strains of beneficial bacteria, all of which help to support your child’s digestive tract health and oral health. Instead of capsules, these probiotics come in a kid-friendly, strawberry-flavored, lozenge form.

You’ll Love the Hallelujah Diet Line of Dietary Supplements!

green approval stickerIf you’ve tried your fair share of digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements and seen little to improvement in your health, you’re not alone. The trick to finding dietary supplements that actually do what they say lies in knowing how the product is made and the ingredients used to make it. In this respect, the Hallelujah Diet is an open book, providing in-depth background information on our research and manufacturing processes. This, combined with all of the benefits listed above, is why you’ll love our line of digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics!

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