Why Wait To Get Fit?

Why Wait To Get Fit?

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Next month, fitness gym memberships will spike upwards of 40%. And in February, all the bandwagon jumpers will jump off again. Yo-yo exercising gets you about as far as yo-yo dieting — nowhere! The problem is timing. Everyone waits until they've indulged through the entire holiday season before they decide to join a gym or start a home exercise program. But by that time, you're lethargic from overeating and have a much greater obstacle (ie weight gain) to overcome than if you had started now. And the sooner you start an exercise program, the sooner you'll crave healthier foods. That means, if you start exercising now, you'll breeze right through the rest of holiday season no matter where festivities take you (like to your relatives' place who have never heard of The Hallelujah Diet). We're not saying that you won't be tempted a little. But if you start exercising now, your desire to maintain your buff new self will override the temptation to eat those Christmas leftovers and New Year's hors d'oeuvres that could ruin it all. And believe us... If you're not currently exercising, it can be tough to get back into it. That's exactly the position we were in before we developed our FREE, online Exercise Essentials program (which is why it's designed for beginners). We show you what exercises to do, what to eat, and give you some ideas to break up the monotony. And it's a lot easier to start now than in January! Check it out... How often do you exercise? Comment below!

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