Why Is It So Hard To Stay Healthy?

Why Is It So Hard To Stay Healthy?

Have you ever wondered if your parents had to work as hard as you do to maintain their health? Chances are, probably not. While they still had to make good food choices, their lifestyles were probably more active than sedentary. The air they breathed when they were younger was pure, the food they consumed was likely whole foods without the added hormones, pesticides and depleted soils of foods today. They would typically get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Although the stresses they experienced were challenging, their ability to handle the stresses was likely more effective than today’s people handling the fast-paced world that is filled with social media, internet and cell phones. All of these distractions and diversions can overload our minds and create a sense of imbalance and constant feelings of perpetual searching and seeking. The truth is, it really DOES take hard work to stay healthy in today’s world. Whether you are struggling to keep quality food in the fridge and bypass the fast food frenzy or you are trying to keep up with all of the new technology and gadgets, if you don’t keep your health as your first priority from the moment you awaken to the timely moment you rest your head on your pillow, then the busyness of life and the chaos of the country will kill any instinct for creating a calm mind and a physically active body. When you write out your daily to-do lists, do you have exercise as number one on your list each and every day? Is drinking quality, nutrient-filled liquids number two? Do you have real food and real recipes for your daily meals? That means planning and preparing for each meal. Is that on your list? Is it number three? Is getting enough sleep on your daily list? Is spending time with your Lord on your list? If you don’t plan it, it won’t happen. If you don’t plan to keep yourself healthy, then you are by default planning to get sick. If you are tired of taking supplements every day, then just imagine what it would look like if you forgot to fill up your car with gas when it is on empty. It wouldn’t run! If you honestly believe that you can get away with skipping out on your whole food supplements, skipping exercise and fudging on your food choices, then, the only one you have fooled is your mind. You certainly didn’t fool your body—it won’t be long before you see the red flags that will soon turn to much worse. If you think it is a lot of work to stay healthy, you will be quite shocked at how much work it is to regain your health. And, it is a great deal more work trying to live a normal life while you are sick. Living in this world will take every ounce of energy and strength that you have. It is not Heaven and it is not meant to be easy. As you pray to your Lord for guidance, just remember that He sees you as a fully functional being that must participate in your own life. It is not meant to come with chefs, personal trainers and personal secretaries. This is your one and only chance at life. You must make every effort to get all that you can from it. What are the consequences of working hard to maintain your health? You will be able to maintain your balance, your flexibility, your independence and your mind. Each of these are gifts that can easily be taken from you if you don’t strive to keep them. Other consequences are less pain, less financial strain from ill health, and more time with family and loved ones enjoying each other and creating memories that will last longer than the frustrations of the labor it took to stay healthy. When you wake up tomorrow, please, remember to take time to maintain your health.

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