We Can Maintain Excellent Health & Vitality Well into Old Age

We Can Maintain Excellent Health & Vitality Well into Old Age

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First, Let’s Dispel a Popular Myth One of the many myths about health that particularly concerns us at Hallelujah Diet is the widely accepted notion that our health is supposed to diminish when we reach our senior years. While people are living longer, unfortunately they do often experience a deteriorating quality of life, which feeds the myth. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to lose our health and vitality and become more susceptible to illness, disease and physical limitations. Positive changes can dramatically improve one’s quality of life literally by enhancing one’s health. A great example of this truth is my own father. He consumed the unhealthy Standard American Diet until he ended up with a baseball size tumor and colon cancer in his early 40s. My grandmother had died of the same cancer after enduring what traditional medicine has to offer—chemo, radiation and surgery. When my dad saw that these painful and debilitating “remedies” didn’t work, he decided that maybe a radical change in diet might give him a fighting chance. An evangelist by the name of Lester Roloff convinced dad to begin eating nothing but fruits and vegetables and drinking one to two quarts of raw vegetable juices every day. He got well within one year, then made adjustments to his diet to maintain his weight (the Hallelujah Diet balance of 85% raw and 15% cooked foods). And, today, at age 81, my father is still very healthy and active. My stepmother is another example of how diet can change one’s life. She overcame chronic arthritis and lost over 80 pounds in about a year, thanks to switching from processed foods and meats to raw foods and juices. Why Do Older People Often Contract Diseases? It all comes down to how healthy or unhealthy our body’s cells are and why. Before we explore that subject, let’s take a look at the current state of elder health. Roughly half of all people today die from a cardiovascular disease. Another third or more dies from some form of cancer. But these are not age-related diseases. They are diet-related. And poor diet results in these sobering statistics:
  • Two of three senior citizens will become physically or cognitively impaired.
  • One in three will end up in a nursing home.
  • By 2030, there will be approximately 72 million older Americans, more than twice as many as in the year 2000. And many will be sick or declining physically or both because they didn’t change their diet.
Without changes in diet, medical costs will continue to soar, older Americans will continue to get sick and not enjoy their golden years, and their children will bear the responsibility of caring for loved ones in declining health. What is the Answer? The most rewarding part of my job is witnessing many older Americans’ transformation after they decide to take charge of their health and embrace the Hallelujah Diet. As one can see at www.myHDiet.com_testimonies, many seniors have overcome significant health challenges—including cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis—and are now experiencing something they never thought possible: a whole new level of health and personal independence. They have not only added years to their life, but have enriched their quality of life. They feel better and they can do more. How and Why Does This Diet Work? As I said earlier, it all comes down to the cells in our body. When our cells are sick, we get sick. When our cells are healthy, we are healthy. Science tells us that free radicals can damage vital cellular components including the body’s DNA or cell membranes. Cells may then function poorly or die. However, when our cells operate the way that God designed them, we enjoy optimal health and a slow, healthy aging process. The fact is that the body contains nearly 100 trillion cells and they are constantly and rapidly dying and being replaced by new ones. The quality of the new cell depends on what we put in our bodies. God instructed Adam and Eve to eat the raw foods that He provided in nature. And, in recent years, this biblical wisdom has been supported by science. Current research points to the remarkable benefits of a whole food plant-based diet in providing the nutrients that the body needs to eliminate the toxins that can impair cells. We really can keep our cells—and ourselves—healthy, well into old age.

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