Ultimate Health - 17 Years and Counting!

Ultimate Health - 17 Years and Counting!

Today's feature testimony comes from Judy in California. Judy discovered the Hallelujah Diet 17 years ago and, like many people, has been on and off it ever since. I trust that her story can encourage you to keep on keepin' on!
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Seventeen years ago a friend sent me your book – God’s Way to Ultimate Health and I read it from back to front. Yes, back to front, looking for names of Christians I might know to give you credibility in my eyes! Yes, I was skeptical to say the least. When I finally got to the very first page there was Dave Wilkerson’s testimony. I knew of him and had an almost similar problem as he had recovered from on a plant-based diet, but that still wasn’t enough to convince me, so I ordered more of your books and videos. The incredible thing is that a few years prior to receiving your book, I received in the mail Dave Wilkerson’s testimony, contained in his monthly newsletter. So I started wondering if God was trying to get my attention. Isn’t it wonderful that our Heavenly Father is so patient and longsuffering and loving that He would continue to try and get my attention? Well, I gave your Hallelujah Diet a try and my chronic diarrhea went away and I lost 10 pounds, all arthritis pain was gone, I had tons of energy and my skin and hair looked great, I slept well, awoke refreshed with less sleep. I did the Hallelujah Diet for one month and then slipped a little here and a little there until I was back to my old way of eating. So here I am years later. My mom died 20 years ago at age 69 of a stroke and had many other illnesses. Over the years I would have ‘mystery’ pains in the left side of my brain and my left ear. Sometimes even in my left eye and left side. Occasionally I’d have sharp pains in my heart and breasts. It wasn’t until I started having pains on my right side that I really got concerned. Upon self diagnosing I figured it was my liver and that really scared me. I figured that if sickness had now gone to my liver I could be a goner. I knew it wasn’t my gallbladder as a doctor had removed that in an emergency surgery years earlier. So now I don’t have a gallbladder! In December 2005 I was very concerned over having the usual complications of diabetes and not a pretty future if left unchecked along with liver concerns I took myself by the scruff of the neck and said to myself: ‘look, you’re kill yourself if you don’t do what you know is good for you and do you know what to do. Sometime in mid January 2006 I got back on the Hallelujah Diet. I had read all your Health Tips and all the testimonies you had published and how you were praying for people to get healthy. So here I am today – I’ve lost 10 pounds (the ones I gained back at Christmas), diarrhea almost gone, arthritis pain in right had all gone, and in left hand almost gone, the crippling arthritic pain in my feet almost all gone, the diabetic tingles and sharp pains in my fingers gone, my liver which was so tender and felt enlarged and puffy is no longer tender and swollen. I sleep well and awake refreshed, wide eyed and bushy tailed, not foggy. I have lots of energy and am back to working out, enjoying the ladies and even teach a watercolor class in my home studio. Its fun and we encourage others to improve their diet. George, I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I’ve quit too many times in the past and I don’t want to this time as I have too much at stake – MY LIFE! All I can do is trust the Lord to keep me keeping on. I covet your prayers! I’m 63 years old, my husband is 69 and a heart patient, eats the SAD and we used to fight over foods. I can’t do that anymore, so I’m on my own. I don’t have his support so I prepare two meals and it’s not fun. I have to stop nagging him about all the unhealthy food and drink he is putting into his body. Well, enough of that. Thank you George for your undying love of giving forth this message – "you don't have to be sick!" But most of all that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and wants a relationship with us. Thank you George, Rhonda, and Olin.” ~ Judy L, Capistrano Beach, California

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