Celebrating 52 Years Cancer Free

Celebrating 52 Years Cancer Free

Celebrating a combined total of 52 years cancer free, Rev. Malkmus and Dr. Graeme Coad are teaming up to share their stories in Florida!
On Monday, December 26th, Rhonda and I had the privilege of dining of with our dear friends Dr. Graeme Coad (age 75) and his wife, Beverly. Dr. Coad was Chaplain for the 700 Club for 12 years and is currently pastor of Grace Chapel in Jacksonville, Florida. We reminisced and praised the Lord for leading both of us to adopt His Genesis 1:29 diet after each of us was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Coad was diagnosed with so-called "terminal" prostate cancer 16 years ago and I was told I had colon cancer 36 years ago. Dr. Coad received his diagnosis while still Chaplain of the 700 Club back in 1995. It was then that he, after the medical community had given him a "no hope" diagnosis, turned to The Hallelujah Diet. Today, 16 years later, he is still cancer free and carrying on a very active lifestyle in a body fit for the Master's use. As you probably know, my experience with cancer 36 years ago caused me to refuse any medical treatments because of the horrible experience I had seen my own mother endure with the same cancer I had. Instead, I adopted God’s Genesis 1:29 diet (upon which The Hallelujah Diet is based) and today I too am cancer free and carrying on a very active lifestyle in a body fit for the Master’s use. Not to mention, neither Dr. Coad nor myself have been sick since making the diet change; it seems fitting since we both have a passion for reaching the Christian community with the message “you don't have to be sick.” In fact, Dr. Coad and Beverly became Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers 15 years ago and have been very active proclaiming God’s health message to the Christian community ever since. In a reunion of sorts, Dr. Coad and I are teaming up on Saturday, February 18th at the Embassy Suites in Jacksonville, Florida for a “God’s Way to Ultimate” seminar. We're celebrating a combined total of 52 years cancer free on The Hallelujah Diet! Dr. Coad, myself, Beverly, and Rhonda would love to meet you and share our testimonies with you of how The Hallelujah Diet restored our health — in fact, the event will be just 6 days after I celebrate my 78th birthday (and Hallelujah Acres' 20th anniversary) on February 12. If you live in the Jacksonville area or just want to escape winter for a while — come hear this life-saving message!

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