Tip the Scale in Favor of Health

Tip the Scale in Favor of Health

With so many New Year’s resolutions focusing on losing weight, it’s no surprise that January is Healthy Weight Awareness Month. While many will adopt new weight loss strategies in order to meet short term goals, losing excess weight means so much more than fitting in one’s favorite pair of jeans; it’s about improving quality of life and increasing life expectancy, too! The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the terms “overweight” and “obese” as abnormal or excess fat accumulation posing a negative impact on health. This burden is currently deemed the fifth leading risk for death; rising to epidemic levels in many parts of the world. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of American adults are overweight and that over 35% of overweight Americans are obese! These are staggering facts when you consider the devastating effects of excess weight on health!
According to the WHO, 44% of diabetes cases, 23% of ischemic heart disease cases and up to 41% of cancer cases in the world can be attributed to excess fat.
Being overweight also significantly increases your risk for hypertension, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, a wide range of gynecological problems and more! Excess weight can even have a negative impact on your mental health – because when the body suffers, so does the mind! A 2010 study from The Archives of General Psychiatry found that overweight people are 55% more likely to suffer from depression than those who fall in the range of a “normal” weight. However, if you are one of the millions struggling with a weight issue, don’t let these facts get you down. The Hallelujah Diet is proof that losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive or hard – and certainly doesn’t limit you from eating delicious, satisfying foods. Plus, mounting scientific evidence shows that adopting a plant-based diet, like The Hallelujah Diet, can help you lose and maintain healthy weight and significantly decrease your risk for over 50 diseases! In fact, federal guidelines have evolved in recent years, now highlighting the benefits of vegan and vegetarian diets for health. Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., nutrition educator for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), states, “people who avoid meat cut their risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers, and those who also avoid dairy products and eggs are healthiest of all." Vegan diets reduce your risk factors for a wide number of illnesses, making The Hallelujah Diet an excellent strategy for disease prevention! This is due to the fact that The Hallelujah Diet is more than just a quick fix – it’s a way of life that is incredibly cost effective to establish and just gets easier over time! For those who are new to The Hallelujah Diet, one of the best ways to begin is with Hallelujah Acres’ Get Started Kit. The Get Started Kit is a gentle detox system that works with your body to boost your nutrition and help you establish a healthy weight loss regimen. In conjunction with The Hallelujah Diet, the Get Started Kit is the fastest, most convenient, comfortable and effective way to achieve healthy weight loss management, boost energy, and restore your health for life! So don’t wait when it comes to losing weight! Get started today and be on your way to your best health yet! Has weight loss had a positive impact on your health? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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