The Truth Shall Make You Free (of disease)

The Truth Shall Make You Free (of disease)

Go figure. Apparently, obeying the ninth commandment — You shall not lie (Exodus 20:16) — can benefit your health! It's true! We're not lying! Honest! :) Researchers at the University of Notre Dame found that people who purposely spoke only the truth for 10 weeks had "significantly improved health.” By purposely telling only the truth, study participants had less angst, better mood, and had fewer sore throats and headaches. They also reported that their relationships ran smoother without the fibs, too. Even exaggerating less gave them a health boost. It makes complete sense when you think about it. When we lie, we cause mental stress because we fear being found out. That stress creates excess acidic waste, which puts a physical strain on the body as it attempts to bring itself back to an alkaline state. This physical strain breaks down the immune system, opening the door to illness. Isn't it amazing how obeying God's Word leads to both physical and spiritual wellness in ways we're still discovering today? It's further proof that, with a biblically-based, alkaline diet and a conscious effort to obey the rest of God's Word, you can do anything! And that's no lie. How does a "little white lie" affect you?

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