The Power of Antioxidants

The Power of Antioxidants

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These days there’s a lot of buzz about the importance of antioxidants, but do you really know just how crucial they are in your fight against disease and aging? Every day our bodies are exposed to a variety of factors that give way to free radicals, or incomplete molecules that act as parasites, scavenging around the body looking for somewhere to attach. Desperate to become “complete,” these highly reactive particles fasten themselves to other cells, thereby destroying healthy tissue and speeding the rate by which we age.
According to the well known physician and alternative medicine proponent Dr. Joseph M. Mercola, free radicals are implicated in more than 60 different diseases and can even result in damage to your DNA!
While limiting our exposure to processed foods, industrial chemicals, cigarette smoke and prescription drugs can help reduce the development of free-radicals, a certain amount of free radicals are produced internally, as well. So, the question is, how do we arm ourselves if the presence of free-radicals is inevitable? Well, if free radicals are the enemies, then antioxidants are certainly our allies. Like little superheroes in our system, antioxidants capture and neutralize free radicals, valiantly defending our cells against their destructive effects. While the most effective way to obtain ample amounts of disease fighting antioxidants is by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, it’s important to make sure that you are getting a wide variety of antioxidant rich nutrients every day. According to renowned expert Dr. Richard A. Passwater in his book, The Antioxidants, “you get better results with moderate amounts of a full complement than you get with using very large amounts of just one nutrient. For this reason, most of us in the field recommend that a person take a variety of antioxidants, not just a single substance.” Developed with this interest in mind, Hallelujah Acres’ antioxidant supplements provide just that, delivering a broad-spectrum of botanicals and antioxidant rich nutrients including: alpha lipoic acid, L-glutathione, catechins from green tea, proanthocyanidins from grape seed, curcuminoids from turmeric, and countless other naturally occurring phytonnutrients to protect your body in the most effective way possible. Our incredible blend offers protection for ALL types of free radicals and in readily absorbable whole-food capsules – complete with digestive enzymes to maximize nutrient absorption. These antioxidants work together to form a powerful system, supporting good antioxidant health. Plus, our natural antioxidant supplements contain no animal products, yeast, corn, milk, egg, soy, sugar, artificial colors or starch, so you can rest assured that you are getting uncompromised quality and nutrition in every dose! So, don’t let your guard down! Make sure you get the right blend of antioxidants you need with Hallelujah Acres Antioxidant supplements. What are your favorite antioxidant rich foods? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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