The Hallelujah Diet Saved My Unborn Baby

The Hallelujah Diet Saved My Unborn Baby

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Doctors told Marcela that her unborn son was going to die; his lungs were filled with water and his heart had stopped growing. After praying earnestly for an answer, a preacher's wife who was also a medical doctor encouraged her to adopt The Hallelujah Diet — read the incredible outcome!
“In 2002, my husband and I lived in Houston, Texas. When I was 6 months pregnant, the doctor told me my baby was going to die because he had water in his lungs and his heart wasn’t growing. So we prayed and the Lord sent a friend, our preacher’s wife who is a medical doctor, and she encouraged me to adopt The Hallelujah Diet. I immediately went on The Hallelujah Diet and, before the baby was born, the Lord healed my baby through that diet change! When the baby was a year old, my husband wanted us to have a ‘normal diet.’ The result of going back to a regular diet was that the baby started having autism symptoms and I had asthma. So we started back on The Hallelujah Diet and the Lord healed both of us of our new problems. In 2007 we went to Lima, Peru as missionaries, and my husband thinking it was better to eat what everyone else was eating in order to not offend people as we shared the Gospel. Within 7 months on the Sad Peruvian Diet, I had breast cancer, chronic fatigue, and my son’s autistic symptoms had returned along with seizures. Again, we went back to The Hallelujah Diet and the Lord healed us both again. We have stayed on The Hallelujah Diet ever since! Now, when we share the Gospel message with others in Mexico City where we are currently missionaries, we share The Hallelujah Diet also. The people here in Mexico are very curious about this new way of eating and healing. To better prepare to answer their many questions I took the Health Minister Training Online course which has been so helpful.” ~ Health Minister Marcela, C., Mexico City, Mexico
“Dr. Malkmus, I loved your testimony of being healed of cancer on a raw foods diet. It reminds me of my own life. I am 83 years old and at one time in my life I weighed 215 pounds. In 1971, I met a man I offered something to eat that contained meat and he told me he didn’t eat meat. I was shocked that someone did not eat meat, but I thought I would give the meatless diet a try. As a result, I reduced my waist size three times. Then I got married and started eating standard American foods again, including meats. Then my wife died. After my wife’s death, I stopped eating in restaurants and started preparing my own foods again. At the time of her death, and after eating the standard American foods for many years, I was on five prescription medications. After I returned to eating nothing but raw foods again, my body began to respond. As a result of eating only raw fruits and vegetables, I got off all my medications and today I weigh 123 pounds. I no longer cook any of my food and do not eat any processed foods. I have been studying nutrition since my wife died and I have BarleyMax on the shelf.” ~ Elkanah D.
“Good Morning Rev. Malkmus, I have just finished reading your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’ and I want to thank you for writing it. My heart is passionate about getting the word out as to how our bodies can be made well by adopting a vegan diet.” ~ Rose M.
In a previous email, Rose had written me the following:
“Hi Rev. Malkmus, Thank you very much for taking time to explain the process for BarleyMax. My health has improved in many ways over this past year as I have used this product.” ~ Rose M.

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